A Vending Machine That Dispenses Healthy Snacks

When I was a kid, I used to spend all my pocket money on junk food bought from the school canteen. After I had bought the junk food, I would stealthily put them in my school bag and once home, I would hide the junk food under my mattress! Of course my junk act was soon discovered by my parents and I was reprimanded big time. That was more than 20 years ago and up until today, schools in our country are still selling all sorts of junk food and unhealthy meals to kids. Not only are the schools selling junk food and unhealthy food to kids, vending machines that dispense junk food and sugar-laden soft drinks / packet drinks are also mushrooming in schools and other public places like hospitals, colleges, offices and parks.

I am seriously of the opinion that public places, especially schools should sell only healthy and wholesome food to kids. In the U.S., there are high tech YoNaturals Vending Health Food for schools, health clubs, colleges, retirement homes, shopping malls, factories and other public places. These YoNaturals vending machines dispense tasty, natural and organic snacks / drinks that meet nutritional guidelines for kids at affordable price. YoNaturals’ in-house product development team works closely with the manufacturers of their products to ensure that they offer the best selection of healthy snacks that meet their customer’s expectations.

If only there were YoNaturals vending machines in each school in our country, kids would have a healthier alternative when it comes to selecting their choice of food. Kids should be trained from young to choose only healthy and wholesome food.

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