My Workout Companion

Every morning, I will bring Baby C with me when I workout either on my trampoline or out jogging. She loves it when I put her in her stroller. Within 15 minutes in her stroller, either with me pushing her whilst I jog or with her sitting there watching me workout on my trampoline, she will drift to lala land and have a long nap. I don’t even have to nurse her, rock her or cradle her, she falls asleep on her own oh so easily in her stroller.

Baby C strapped in her stroller watching mummy jump, run and dance on the trampoline…. till she falls asleep everyday.

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5 thoughts on “My Workout Companion

  1. ahhh…that face again….*squeeze squeeze* hey, next time when she fusses, you can bring her out and put her in the stroller. Then you can start exercising and she’ll fall asleep…no need to latch onto you to go to sleep 🙂

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