Having A Blast In Disneyland Hong Kong

Alycia and Sherilyn don’t seem to miss daddy, mummy or baby at all, not at all.  They are having a time of their lives in Disneyland Hong Kong. When the hubs and I called them yesterday evening and also this morning, my princess wannabe was regaling us with her adventures in Disneyland non-stop. As for Alycia, she was reluctant to talk to us and when she did, she didn’t talk much but only gave such excuses like “I am hungry, I want to eat dinner, bye bye” and “don’t talk too long, it’s very expensive, bye bye”!! Sei moh, maybe she’s even thinking that we are just 2 boring old folks who are checking on her!  I can now picture myself 15 years down the road calling her when she’s left her nest, studying abroad o_o!

Anyway, when I came back from my 1-night stay at Hilton Sentral and checked my email, I had a pleasant surprise awaiting me. My sil had sent me pix of my 2 princesses enjoying themselves in Disneyland:

Characters clearly displayed – a princess wannabe all dressed up like a princess and a pretty tomboy posing like a tomboy!

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6 thoughts on “Having A Blast In Disneyland Hong Kong

  1. Hard to imagine Alycia with such a cute and pretty face is as tomboyish as you describe her to be. I must pay you a visit and see for myself. Your princess wannabe is so cute. Love to read your write-ups on how cheeky she is, always have something up her sleeve. So happy to see all the pics of BBC. Melts my heart..

  2. They sure too happy and forget about home…may be they keep all the good story and tell when they back home…

    Love the last pic…Sher is sure a princess wannabe there…not sure what are the disney stuff they bought back…show us ya if have..

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