New Outfit, Bibs And Sunnies From Mothercare For My Sweetiepie

We got these from Mothercare for my sweetiepie when we went shopping the other day:

My main purpose of going to Mothercare was to get Baby C some bibs. Yup, bibs again. I seem to have a fetish with cute bibs with crumbcatcher and I find bibs so useful as they save me so much time from having to clean up the mess on the floor, table and clothes.

While I was busy looking at the bibs and clothes, daddy couldn’t resist getting his sweetiepie a pair of sunnies coz Baby C seems to love wearing her princess wannabe Sherilyn cheh cheh’s Paris Hilton sunnies haha!

Don’t play play, this pair of Sunnies has the Mothercare logo on the rim…. and it looks like a baby’s branded designer eyewear!

And I couldn’t resist getting my sweetiepie this pack-of-2 cute set of attire. But my heart broke when the size meant for her (aged 9-12 months) was oversized for her. And I had to admit that my pint-size baby is underweight and got her the set for babies aged 6-9 months (for weight up to 9kg) *heartbroken*
My sweetiepie only weighs 7.7kg at 11 months 🙁

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15 thoughts on “New Outfit, Bibs And Sunnies From Mothercare For My Sweetiepie

  1. You seem too stressed by baby’s weight. Don’t worry too much. She will put on weight in due course. She seems to be feeding well with solids, porridge and milk so not to worry. Also, age range on clothings is not really an accurate indication of real baby’s size. Plus, gwai lo babies tend to be bigger in size than Asian babies. Chill Shireen and cheer up 🙂

  2. Hello. Have not been visiting for a while because too busy with new job. Dropping by for a visit. Your daughters are so cute and the bib is adorable. 🙂

  3. Yeah, no worries about Baby C’s weight! when my hubby bought her clothes corresponding to her age, they are all too big and I got worried, but without me realising it, one day, I put it on and it actually looked quite small already…..

    Relax, you are feeding her well. I underwent the same phase as you do now. And my girl is 2+ and she is getting more and more difficult for me or even her daddy to carry.

  4. Dont worry Shireen, Cassandra still has baby fats on her arms and legs..she’s still chubby. Petite is the word, not pint-size! My Sarah’s also petite, she wears clothes that tags 3-6mths eventho she’s over 6mths liao. Are those plastic bibs better (ie easier to clean, less mess on baby’s clothes etc) than the usual cloth ones which are smaller in size?

  5. Steph… I prefer plastic bibs with crumbcatcher coz they are easy to wash/wipe and can dry easily, compared to cloth ones. I like big bibs coz can cover the clothes and legs as well and less mess on the clothes and legs.

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