This Week’s Loot

Here’s this week’s loot of junk food which the gals got from mah mah from the mini mart at our condo:

Only 3 types of snacks from this particular mart this week as mah mah also bought the gals cheese and yoghurt drinks when she went to Jusco early this week. Alycia actually pestered for ice-creams again but remember the ice-cream loot last week? Well, those ice-creams are still not finished yet coz Alycia has a slight cough and I forebade her from eating too much ice-creams. I bet she’s going to badger mah mah to replenish her ice-cream supply next week.

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My Gals’ Swimming And Ballet Lessons

Finally, Alycia has found an activity that she really likes. She had her third swimming lesson this week at our condo and she is still very much excited over the lessons.  While the instructor taught Alycia, Sherilyn played in the baby pool.  I hope Sherilyn will be more serious and will acquire longer attenton span very soon so that the instructor will accept her into the pool.  I noticed that Sherilyn seems to have a phobia of the big pool and the sea.  Maybe that’s the reason why she is not that interested in the swimming lesson… but I don’t know, she appears to love playing in the pool though.   Swimming is a survival skill and I will ensure that my 3 gals pick up good swimming skills.

I’m surprised that Sherilyn is still very much interested in her ballet classes after a 1-month hiatus when hubs and I were caught up in the hospital in Penang in May. I’ve been asking her many times if she still wants to continue her ballet classes and her anwers have always been a very assuring yes. I’m glad that Sherilyn can make her own decision without being easily swayed.  She normally follows what her jie jie likes and does but when it comes to ballet, though Alycia dislikes it and had stopped attending classes, Sherilyn is still very resolute that she still wants to learn ballet and always gives me an unwavering answer to her decision. I hope my gals excel in their hobbies.

The swimming instructor teaching Alycia to float and kick her legs.

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Friendship Bracelets

When I was a teenager more than 2 decades ago, the craze back then was making your own friendship band. Many of my classmates including me, were so crazy about the friendship bands that we would secretly make them in the Biology or Physics lab when classes were conducted. The friendship bands, made from colorful threads were tied carefully using our hands and one would need nimble fingers and skills to tie the bands tightly and neatly. I could only make simple and straightforward ones while some of my friends could make friendship bands with names and messages tied on the bands. The friendship bands were worn on the wrist or ankle. The trend back then was to give friendship bands to our friends or to the special one whom we were eyeing on.

These day, I don’t think teenagers or young adults would spend hours making friendship bands or bracelets. They can easily get to choose a wide range of funky and elegant friendship bracelets from shops and online stores. Hey, if you want to surprise your friend or loved ones with a special friendship bracelet, do check out or click on the links provided above. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to give a gift. Share friendship bracelets any day of the year, because your friends and loved ones are always there for you. A gift this wonderful becomes a celebration all by itself.

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Way To Go Baby

Baby said the word ‘goggles’ yesterday!  I was really stunned when I heard her say “dor… gles” when I brought her to the bathroom to have her cleaned up after her lunch.  As she said “dor… gles”, she pointed to her jie jies’ goggles which were hanging on the towel rack.  When I corrected her pronounciation, she kept saying “dor…gles, tor….gles” many times until she finally pronounced it right and said “goggles”! 

She can also say “mo more” (no more) as she points to the TV whenever her educational VCDs have finished playing on the TV.   Yesterday, hubby and I were really amused when she said “daddy” loudly and clearly as hubby entered the main door when he came home.

Baby can also say “boy” clearly at the end of the line whenever we sing the song ‘Ten Little Indian Boys”.  She is giving us surprises like these everyday and though she’s the most difficult baby to handle of my 3 gals (and most expensive baby too!), she is nonetheless a joy to have in our family.

Baby putting stack-up cups on her feet…. then trying to stand up with the cups on her feet, as if they were roller-skates. She must have seen kids riding on roller-skates from her Bumble Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder VCD and now trying to immitate those kids!

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Baby C’s Stash Of Biscuits… And The Throes Of Spoon-Feeding Her Formula

Here are Baby C’s stash of biscuits:

There are more but not in this pic …. butter animal biscuits from Marks and Spencer, Pureen baby biscuits, Heinz orange-flavored rusks, Heinz cheese sticks, plain cream crackers, organic wholewheat crackers and much more. Baby used to get bored with the same biscuit after eating them a few days straight in a row.  Now I offer her a different type of biscuit everyday. On some days when there is fresh bread or buns, she will eat bread or buns. On some days, I will cut bread into strips and toast them lightly.

Giving Baby a biscuit, a cookie or a toast is one of the ways to keep her still on her highchair while I spoon-feed her Vanilla-flavored Pediasure…. and that’s only 2-3 ounces at each feeding…. which would take me between half an hour to an hour to coax her to drink… with lots of entertainement to distract her.  And I have to do this 4 times a day!  So can you imagine how tiring and stressful my days are these days, doing nothing much but feeding Baby her formula and her meals, just so she can catch up on her weight….  *loooooooooooooooooooong sigh*   

*bow bow*  Give a clap to this devoted mummy LOL! 

Note to Baby C : Cassandra, each day as I break my back washing your bum after you poo poo, each time as I break my back spoon-feeding you formula, each time as I coax you to drink water so that you have enough fluids to flush out those pesky bugs from your urinary tract, each time I sniff your soiled diaper to check if there’s any foul smell, each time I break my back trying to collect your pee,  each day as I crack my head to find ways to entertain and distract you just so you will drink your formula and eat your antibiotics…. I will tell you to be really good to mummy when you grow up.  As you are reading this now Cassandra, I hope this post has touched you my sweetie-pie.   You better be good to mummy… always!

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Baby C Has 7 Small Meals A Day

Baby C has a pretty small tummy, just like Sherilyn jie jie, unlike Alycia jie jie’s tummy which can be pretty elastic, thus she has always been rather chubby. Baby has to eat many small meals a day, instead of 3 square meals. She has 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 mid-afternoon snack, 1 pre-dinner snack, 1 dinner and a supper consisting of 2 ounces of Pediasure. She takes between 5-10 ounces of Pediasure a day and about 5-6 fixes of mommy’s milkie.

This is Baby’s first breakfast at 8:30am :

4 ounces of Vanilla Pediasure (spoon-fed), biscuits and her Maltofer syrup (iron supplement to counter her low Haemoglobin after the 2 surgeries).  Baby gets bored easily with her biscuits so I have a stash of like 5 types of biscuits for her, mostly baby biscuits.  This packet of PepperidgeFarm cheddar cheese Goldfish biscuits belongs to her 2 jie jies but she got fed-up with her baby biscuits… so I gave her some of the Goldfish and she walloped half a bowl.  The other half, mummy polished off!   

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Sherilyn Oh Why Sherilyn?

Why are you so mischievous and so naughty my little girl? You used to be so docile and listened to mummy all the time when you were little but as you grow bigger, you are also growing more and more willful.

Over the past 1 week, you did many things that made me blew my top. First you put so much water into mummy’s bottle of Dettol liquid hand soap that the entire bottle of soap became so diluted it could not be used anymore! Next, you spilled your cup of juice onto the cushion despite mummy warning you infiniti times to be careful with your cup of juice.   The other day, you spoilt the Magna Doodle and baby could no longer doodle on it.  Daddy has to buy a new Doodle now.  And yesterday evening, you took the pair of scissors (which mummy had left in the bathroom after trimming Baby’s fringe ) and cut your hair yourself.   You wanted to hide your mischievous act from mummy but the evidence was so obvious – there was hair everywhere on the sink, the counter and on the floor! Each day, you would cut papers (I wonder how you can still find the scissors that I hid) into bits and pieces and strew them all over the floor… to cut out into animals and what nots.

There are more mischievous acts that you do every single day that will surely make  mummy go nuts and drive mummy to the madhouse but mummy does not want to keep harping on them. Dear Sherilyn, mummy has been praying that you’ll be obedient and not so naughty. Can you pretty please be a good girl?

Sherilyn enjoying all the limelight at the magic show yesterday. Guess what she’s doing here? She was actually grinning away and posing for daddy to snap her picture.  Check out her prim-and-proper hands clasped together for the cameraman, haha!   She was so engrossed grinning and posing that the clown had to keep tapping her shoulder to draw her attention back…. and everyone laughed at this cheeky girl, muahahaha!

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Online Universities

Alycia would sometimes tell me that when she grows up, she does not want to go far away to further her studies and she does not even want to get married! She told me that she wants to live with me and be by my side forever lol! Frankly, I know I will miss her terribly if she ever goes abroad for further studies. Well, Alycia can always pursue her studies and obtain her degree from a university online, such as from Capella University. Capella University is an accredited, fully online university and the leading online graduate school for working adults. Capella offers a wide selection of graduate and undergraduate programs as well as certificate programs. I would not mind if my 3 daughters decide to obtain their degrees from online universities. At least, I don’t have to worry about them when they leave the roost and we don’t have to dig out all our life savings to send them abroad.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

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Our Sunday

Today was yet another typical Sunday – I woke up at 6am so that I could have some computer time without any distraction, then a half hour jog… and then the crazy rush began….  101 things to accomplish… with some temper tantrums from the gals and Sherilyn dilly-dallying as usual…. before making a mad dash to church… but we were 15 minutes late *shame shame*

After church, we went to my former Ipoh classmate’s baby’s fullmoon party at Equatorial Hotel KL. The gals enjoyed themselves the most as there was a clown there to entertain them with sculptured balloons and a magic show. There was also a live band. They didn’t eat much – Sherilyn only ate 3 fishballs and 1 scoop of ice-cream. Baby C enjoyed the magic show too and she had a time of her life walking round the hotel but as we were about to leave the hotel, bummer… she fell and hit her cheek on the floor… thank God it was carpeted. I wanted to catch her but was too late. I hope her cheek won’t turn blue-black later. Oh well, falling, bumps and scratches on the body are just part of growing up. And Steph, if you are reading this, it was really good catching up with you and meeting your cutie baby Sarah.

The gals are watching TV now – my best babysitter. It’s too late to nap now, I’ll just put them to bed early today. Baby C is so worn out that she has been napping since 4pm! I better check on her now, I heard her calling me from the bedroom!

Alycia and Sherilyn volunteered to participate in the balloon blowing competition.

Magic show by the clown.

How was your Sunday?

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Who Does Baby C Resemble More?

As I was going through my photo album on my desktop today, I can’t help but study the faces of my 3 gals to see who Baby C resembles more. You be the judge:

This is Alycia when she was about 16-17 months old…

This is Sherilyn when she was around Baby C’s age now (15 months)…

And this is Baby C at 15 months…. hahaha, check out her cheeky look, smacking her lips…

Some people say Baby C is a splitting image of Alycia and some say she resembles Sherilyn but I think she is in between.  She has a look of her own but at times she looks so much like Alycia and at times like Sherilyn.  She is a combination of both her jie jies.

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Exotic Fruits

The other day, hubby bought some fruits from this fruit stall in PJ SS2 that sells a good variety of fruits. It’s located beneath Babyland. When he came home with the fruits, I was all smiles… coz he bought me my all-time favorite king of fruits – Musang King variety somemore (grin!), longans, huge red dragon fruits, huge golden kiwi (love them but they are darn expensive) and these exotic fruits:

Can anyone guess what fruit these are? These are pears. The skin is red but the flesh is white. The texture is like green Peckham pear but they are tasteless and hard and I wouldn’t buy them again. They cost RM11 for 7. There are still 6 in the fridge and I guess they will be sitting inside the fridge for a couple of weeks till they turn soft and mushy… ah, that’s when I’ll eat them coz I like pears that are soft and really ripe.

This is a custard apple. There used to be a fertile custard apple tree that bore lots of fruits in my old home when I was young, which my late maternal grandma planted. My brothers and I loved plucking them from the tree and eating them as dessert after our dinner.  I’ve not eaten them for yonks. So when I saw this fruit (cost RM5 each), I was excited. This huge custard apple tasted very sweet and I ate it when it was chilled. But my 2 older gals, sigh…. they didn’t want to have anything to do with the fruit, not even sniff it! Why? Beats me, maybe the fruit does not have an appealing appearance… you know, with lumps like that, it really did look dodgy in their eyes, haha!  I’m a big fan of fruits and we spend quite a bit on fruits each month.

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Baby C’s Sleep Time = My Free Time

These days, my only time on the computer is the time when Baby C is asleep. If I’m lucky, I’ll get an hour of blogging time during the day, otherwise, I’ll have to pull myself up from bed in the wee hours of the morning to complete my online assignments and to update my blogs.

I was up at 2am this morning to update my blogs. When I proceeded to upload pix in one of my Blogspot blogs, darn it, I got the message that I have exceeded my quota (AGAIN!) for free pictures upload in Picassa Web Album and sh*t, that blog is not even 3 months old!  Fyi, I have been uploading my pix in my Blogspot blogs and then importing them to my WordPress blogs.  It’s quicker this way. Not wanting to dig into my pocket to increase my storage space in Picassa Web Album, I quickly created another Gmail account and created yet another blog in Blogspot… all in under 10 minutes haha… and now I have another 1GB of free space in Picassa Web Album… which hopefully can last me for another 3 months, after which, the process repeats and I will create yet another blog to enjoy free space…. see how cheapskate I am muahahaha!  My next mission is to turn those blogs into niche blogs and hopefully I’ll be able to generate some income from Google Adsense from those niche blogs. I now have 6 blogs… sounds so keng hor but I hardly have the time to maintain these blogs.

As I’m typing this post, my Baby is asleep on my lap and arm… and I’m typing with a couple of fingers on my right hand. This fler must have been so terrified of the darn roaring thunder that the second I placed her on her bed, she would wake up and cry.  Anyway, here are some pix of my cheeky skinny mini:

And it looks like tonight, I’ll have to pull myself up from bed again to complete 6 more assignments. Today must have been my lucky day as the Sheriff has rewarded me with 6 more assignments!! I’ve not received pressies from the Sheriff for almost a year! 6 is not a lot… I used to receive between 13- 20 from the Sheriff during the good old days but heck, 6 is still a good number in times like this. Those of you who work for this advertising network would know what I mean 🙂

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Kids Sleep The Darnest Ways

My 2 older brats refused to take their afternoon nap the other day. By 6pm, Alycia was wiped out. As for Sherilyn, haiz… this girl is hardly sleepy in the afternoon. My mil and I often have to resort to the cane to threaten her to take her nap…. coz if she doesn’t nap, she will be like a zombie by 7pm and would sit at the dining table, in a daze with food stored in her mouth.   Her energy level is amazingly at full bar most of the time. She would be singing, scribbling, climbing and hanging like a primate, playing and doing everything else but sleep.

Back to my story….

I was calling out to Alycia but there wasn’t any reply. After a few yells, Sherilyn said “mummy, look at jie jie” and pointed to her room with a sneaky smile. When I stepped into the room, lo and behold, I saw this fler all curled up and sleeping like this LOL:

Like that also can sleep wor hahaa…. kids are amazingly flexible and resilient. If only we adults can just be like them!

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Our Typical Afternoon At Home

This is another typical afternoon scene at our home :

Alycia and Sherilyn will be seated at the dining table doing their homework and my little nosy parker will be walking and crawling everywhere, her favorite being under the table for she always gets to find ‘treasure’ under there… from bread crumbs to grains of rice to broken pencil lead, eraser dirt, pencil sharpener wastes (all thanks to her 2 jie jies) and insects.   

Check out my samseng princess wannabe’s legs. She can never ever sit like a lady-like and is always fidgeting, stretching and contorting her body… and it’s not uncommon that she often falls off the chair *shake head and gasp*.  I just hope baby won’t follow this jie jie’s foot steps coz I really can’t cope with 2 samsengs at home…

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Wiped Out

Who? Me of course. Baby C’s energy is running really high today and did not nap the entire afternoon. These days, this fler refuses to be put in her cage aka the playpen and prefers to spend all her waking time roaming the house, playing with her jie jies’ toys, climbing on chairs and beds, picking up dirt from the floor, pressing the Astro decoder (and enrage her 2 jie jies), playing with switches (all our unused switches are covered with child safety plugs) and ransacking the kitchen drawers and fridge!

Another junk food seeker, just like her 2 jie jies.

I spent over 4 hours this afternoon doing nothing but followed Baby C round the house. In between being her bodyguard, I coached my 2 older brats in their homework…. and also nursed baby hoping that she will doze off with the boobie in her mouth but no, she just won’t sleep! Aargh!! It’s always difficult for Aly and Sher to concentrate in their homework when their baby sister is having so much fun playing with their toys. The temptation is just too great and they would always join in the fun too.

Finally at 6pm, baby’s batteries went half flat and I managed to make her sleep with my boobies.  Hooray, I now have roughly half an hour more to update my 2 other blogs… hopefully she will sleep through! 

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Who Visited Us

This mummy who is heavily pregnant with her 3rd baby paid me a visit on Thursday. This lady who is one helluva friend gave me a big surprise when she presented me with a huge bouquet of flowers. She said I needed someone to pamper too and boy was she right, I felt so pampered when I received the flowers!

She also gave my gals these goodies :

The pack of animal biscuit on the right was a hit with my 3 gals and they have all been snapped up now. The pack of biscuits on the left is curry-flavored biscuits, though they are not spicy.

Cute and pretty colorful animal-shaped jellies which she bought from Pavillion, which my 2 older gals went gaa gaa over.

My 2 older gals, especially Sher had a great time playing with aunty Paik Ling who was really sporting and was patient enough to listen to them talk nonsense.  Sher was playing doctor with her and she used her toy stethoscope to listen to every part of aunty Paik Ling’s body lol…

She also used her toy power saw and said she wanted to saw off aunty PL’s stomach to bring the baby out muahahaha….. and the fun thing was aunty PL played along with her.

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