We Are Back In KL

We were finally back in KL yesterday afternoon. Back home, we feasted on all the famous Ipoh goodies that the hubs had spent his whole morning driving from one shop to another to buy. When it comes to food, his level of patience is incredibly high. He can spend hours traveling from one place to another just to get his favorite food or queue up for an hour just to get the doughnuts that he loves. But when it comes to shopping with me, he has totally no patience for that, sigh…..

Anyway, here are the pix taken at the hospital in Penang:

The nurse administering the antibiotics jab through the IV line on Baby’s hand.

A very frightened and traumatized Baby after being poked on her hand for the IV line and inserted with a catheter on her down south.

Me in the special heavy protective jacket made of plumbum in the X-ray room, waiting for the radiologist to come and perform the MCUG scan. Thankfully I am half way through potty training Baby and she knew how to wee wee when being asked to. For the scan to be complete, Baby has to pee. When she pees, the screen will show if the urine refluxes back to the kidney and a picture will be taken. Thank God, there was no reflux shown.

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