Pix Taken In Penang

Baby enjoying her ‘walk walk’ at Gurney Drive. But when we placed her on top of the sea barricade, she froze in fear and bawled lol!

Alycia and Sherilyn feasting on doughnuts that daddy bought from Gurney Plaza…

Feeding monkeys with peanuts at the Botanical Garden. Baby had her maiden ride on the tramp and truly enjoyed herself.

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6 thoughts on “Pix Taken In Penang

  1. i thought we r not supposed to feed the monkeys, and we r not supposed to eat inside the garden as well. The monkey might attack us….

    There was one time that i didn’t believe when my mum told me not to eat inside the garden, so i tried to secretly take my bread out to feed my little girl after looking around making sure no monkeys nearby. But as soon as i put my hand in the plastic bag trying to take a piece of bread out, my mum suddenly said, “they are coming, they are coming…”, and when i turned around, i saw a group of monkey heading towards me…. and i quickly threw the bread to the monkey and push my girl away…. it scared me..

    ps. glad to hear that baby C is all fine… 🙂

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