Welcoming Terrible Twos For The 3rd Time… This Time A Little Early

While I am really thankful and glad that Baby is now free from kidney reflux, I now have to go through the throes of yet another difficult stage with her, that is the inevitable Terrible Twos that Baby is slowly but surely showing classic symptoms of, though she is only at a tender age of 16 months old, well 17 months old in 8 days’ time, to be precise.  Too early for Terrible Twos?  I don’t know, perhaps not.  For the past few days, Baby would scream and yell at the top of her voice each time she’s carried away (while she’s enjoying her ‘walk walk’ and playing) to have her diaper changed or to be showered. When she does not get things done her way, she will scream and whine and gosh, she does sound like Sherilyn jie jie :S *wipes sweat from forehead*.  If I would allow her to, Baby would want to walk and walk and play the whole day without feeling hungry, thirsty or sleepy!

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to change her diaper as she would struggle, arch her back, twist her body like a snake, whine and scream. I’ve even hit her hands and legs several times when I just could not get her to sit still or lie still during diaper-changing times, bath times and milk time. And yes, she still bites my tits and then gives me a cheeky giggle! I can even feel that she’s one-upping her Sherilyn jie jie in her cheekiness and temperament.  Oh well, I shouldn’t complain, I should be grateful and thankful that despite all the trauma and pain that she’s gone through, radiation her tiny body has been exposed to umpteen times and strong antibiotics that she’s taken (orally, jabs and intravenously) for the past 14 months, she is still developing normally.  Praise the Lord for that!

Here is yet another stunt that Baby did at the hotel in Penang recently – climbing from one cot to another! Yes, we had 2 baby cots in our room and nope, Baby didn’t sleep on it. My 2 older monkeys slept inside it and they loved it! They love to feel like a baby again.

For the 3 days we were in Penang, Baby only survived on breastmilk, Pediasure, rice bubbles, the brown rice rings snacks that I brought from home, some wholemeal buns that we bought from Rainforest, some eggs and plain porridge.

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11 thoughts on “Welcoming Terrible Twos For The 3rd Time… This Time A Little Early

  1. its ok start early ends early 🙂 jesse was difficult to at 1+ but she now that she was 2+ she was much easier as compared to last yr… probably her terrible2 started much earlier hahahaha

  2. hi…good morning to u..
    when u said terrible 2s, it reminded me of my son who was around tat age.. once he sat on my coffee glass table and it broke into pieces.. thank God, he was not pierced or stabbed.. only a fright and a small cut.. gosh! talking about terrible 2ss….

  3. she is so so cute with her cheeky look… I love seeing her in action.. and I am sure, everyone is glad she is so active, after all the trauma she gone through..

  4. Baby C looks adorable 🙂

    Re the diaper changing, perhaps you want to try the pull-up pants type? That way she doesn’t have to lie down when you change her.

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