Baby C And Her Stroller Stories

I don’t know what’s up with Baby. For the past few days, the second I placed her inside her playpen at night or early in the morning when I thought she’s deep in her sleep, she would spring up from her playpen, bawl and call “mameeeeee” in the most pathetic pleading tone, as if I were abandoning her. Yesterday, she woke up at 6am after I tried putting her into the playpen. Just before I wanted to leave the house to jog, I managed to nurse her back to sleep but the second her body touched the mattress, she woke up and bawled. I tried to put her next to daddy on the bed but she wailed louder. So no choice, I strapped her up in her stroller and brought her along with me jogging…. along the corridors at the basement of our condo. 

After the harrowing stroller accident about 10 months ago, I have a phobia of bringing Baby out of the condo in the stroller. If you haven’t read that stroller accident post, let me tell you. It was the worst accident for me and Baby. I was pushing Baby on the stroller down a ramp one morning when the wheels got wedged in the drain cover in our condo building and the stroller somersaulted and Baby landed face down on the hard tarred road!! I thought she was going to die and I broke some bones. Thankfully I only had some light hand injuries and Baby was once again protected by God. She only escaped with light grazes and scratches on her nose and forehead.  Maybe I should also thank the hubs that he bought a sturdy Peg Perego stroller (with safety belts over both the child’s hands)  for Baby and gave away our old stroller with only a waist safety belt.  Had I used the old stroller, Baby’s injuries could have been more serious.

Since the accident, I am super duper paranoid of pushing Baby whenever she’s on the stroller. Whenever we go shopping, I dare not push her on the stroller when we go up or down the escalator. Baby will be removed from the stroller and my maid will push the empty stroller. Anyway, it’s meant to be this way coz if you look at the instructions/warnings at the side of the escalator, it strictly prohibits child on stroller while going up or down the escalator BUT I see many parents doing this, including the hubs.

Anyway, back to where I was. After about 20 minutes on her stroller with me pushing her as I jogged, Baby dozed off. When I finished my jogging session, I didn’t want to bring her out of the stroller for I knew this would definitely jolt her up from her sleep. So my maid and I carried the stroller into our living room and she continued sleeping in the stroller while I prepared Alycia and Sherilyn for school. But she soon woke up when daddy reclined the seat. What a light sleeper she is.

My little sleeping beauty.

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10 thoughts on “Baby C And Her Stroller Stories

  1. My girl is also a light sleeper, just a bit of adjusting the reclining seat, she will be up too.

    Now, I got another light sleeper too. Just a touch of some noise, my boy will be up too. And he doesnt want to sleep in his cot, everytime I put him in, he will just wake up. So I got 2 babies co.sleeping with me now, no place for hubby.

  2. This reminds me of the time when I used to push our stroller all over the house with baby in it because there was no one else to help me watch baby. If I go to the kitchen, the stroller goes to the kitchen, if I go to the study room, the stroller goes to the study room. Haha. Like siao like that.

    God is surely protecting your baby. The accident sounds so scary.

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