Protecting My Computer

I have been wasting a lot of precious time for the past 3 days on my computer. First, internet connection has been pretty unstable and slow. This could be due to the recent earth quake in Indonesia. A call to my internet provider 2 days ago and today revealed that my internet connection was ‘hang’ at the internet provider’s side. Second, my computer has been attacked by some malicious viruses. My Internet Explorer is also acting very strangely. I have also been unable to access certain websites and blogs and once I’m connected to these sites, my computer would crash.

I think it’s high time I invest a little money on a reliable anti-virus software to protect my computer from further damage. These days, many online stores offer online discount coupons and discount offers on anti-virus software packages. I should check out these online stores and get my computer an anti-virus software before a major disaster happens. That’s the last thing I ever want to happen on my computer.

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