Alycia’s Calligraphy Display

Alycia came back from her second calligraphy class in school last week and proudly showed me her works:

Alycia was selected by her class teacher to be in the school’s calligraphy team recently. She has to attend classes once a week and if she is good enough after training, she will represent her school in calligraphy.

When she came home from school one afternoon, she showed me the letter from her school, asking the parents’ consent to allow her to be in the school’s team. The letter really caught me by surprise as never in my wildest dreams would I have dreamed that Alycia would be learning calligraphy and perhaps represent her school in future.

See how kan cheong (excited) Alycia was here. She had just stepped into the house after her return from school at 4pm and she was already removing all her calligraphy stuff from the bag. She had not even eaten a proper lunch yet. She even washed her calligraphy brush and the porcelain container by herself and created a big mess when she stained her white uniform with black ink. The ink was not washable and part of the white shirt is now ruined. She made me laugh when I saw her face smudged with black ink all over 😀

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