On A Sweltering Day

This was what my 2 older gals did on a hot day after they returned home from lunch outside:

The ‘tai kwai tau’ (ring leader!) dug out my cold pack from the freezer and put it on her body.  She then wet a hanky and put it on her head.  Then she helped herself to the ice cubes in the freezer and put them in her cup of water.  She then sat right under the fan switched on to full blast at 4th speed, sipped the cold water and kept complaining that it was so hot hahahahaha!!!!   Whatever the ring leader does, her mei mei will surely follow suit too.  After getting themselves drenched with ice and water, they were finally willing to take their shower.  I always have a hard time getting my gals (all 3 of them!) to take their bath and once they are in the bathroom, I have a hard time getting them out, haih!!!

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