Daddy’s DNA

When it comes to completing her homework, Rascal #2 is a real slacker and I’d rate her 1/10. I am already freaking worried how she’ll cope in a Chinese primary school in 2 years’ time…. worried about how she’s going to wake up at 6am and get ready by 6:40am, worried about the homework load, discipline and all that jazz related to a Chinese medium school. Hmm, perhaps I should not worry and tai chi the worry to the hubs coz it’s his bright idea that his girls must study in a Chinese school.

When it comes to homework, rascal #2 does not seem to have the slightest worry and anxiousness that she may not complete them on time to be passed up to her teacher the next day.

Here, she was only willing to do her homework at 11pm after returning home from an outing the whole day.

Check out the wall clock pointing to 11:10pm.   It was only at that godly hour that she was willing to sit still and seriously complete her pile of homework without any fuss.I think she definitely has all her daddy’s DNA.

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13 thoughts on “Daddy’s DNA

  1. you know, i worry abt the same thing for vic, that she is not a “chinese school” make… but then i think we have no choice, it’s either private school or chinese school to start with. and if it’s private, then william has to follow, and that’s VERY EXPENSIVE… not even uni yet! but i think u have it worse, how abt using alycia as role model… “see what jie jie does”? entice her with the idea of being a big girl in a big school… works for me!

  2. oh its daddy’s idea ha going to chinese school usually 11pm my kids oredi sleeping liao leh ur girl can still stay awake !! but as long as shes willing to do i guess its alrite 🙂

  3. Not to worry HFM! My kiddos are like that too, they too work better under pressure. They finish h/work faster at this late hour compared to how long they take to finish if they start at earlier hours when there’s still a lot of activity/noise going on (kepo kids!) … no distractions!

    2 years is plenty time for her to adapt and develop, and sherilyn definitely seems like an adaptable child.

  4. how come she’s topless? lol!

    i can relate to her doing homework last minute. 🙂 ..well, have to give her credit that she actually does her homework eventually and that even means if it eats into her bedtime.

  5. wow she’s a late nite ‘owl’ huh. hehehe. my hub also wanted our lil one to study in a chinese school and i also pening a bit now, even though it is still a long way to go to reach that stage +_+

  6. hahaha! Last week Kylie did her homework just before going to school. Luckily it was just preschool. I cannot imagine when she is in Primary 1 next year.

  7. hehe. Like Wen, I also thought it’s 10pm. It would be good to ‘train’ her to do her homework early and sleep early cos the longer the condition themselves to such situation, the harder it is for them to change as what I’ve found in my kids some time back.

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