My Daily Battle

Ever since Baby was diagnosed with Grade III Kidney Reflux when she was about 2 months old, my life revolves around her PEE! I have been sniffing her soiled diaper every single day for the past 22 months. Now, I have to coax her to pee in the potty. When I first started to potty train Baby, she would obediently sit on the potty to pee and poo. Now, she is regressing. Each time she shows signs of wanting to poo poo, I will bring her to the potty. But she will protest and resist pooping into the potty. I wonder why. She was alright with pooping into her potty for many months under 2-3 months back. Now she is also strongly protesting peeing in the potty. She would struggle and scream murder and cry till she almost pukes 8 out of 10 times she is brought to the potty to pee.

When I have no means and energy left to handle this child, I will tai chi the chore to my helper. This is a typical scene almost everyday.   Baby is breaking everyone’s back!

Having said all these, Baby is bringing joy and laughter to everyone. She is really a charming little girl who will melt even the coldest of hearts. She speaks pretty well now and can reply me with logical, intelligent answers.  Baby will turn 2 years old in 9 days’ time. 

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15 thoughts on “My Daily Battle

  1. Maybe you can try to let her poo poo on the adult toilet bowl + child seat.She might fine it facinating and tell her she is a big girl now.

  2. last time justin also will sit on the potty. But ever since he kena diarrhea he refused to sit on potty anymore. kesian her and kesian u guys too

  3. how about trying her on the big toilet seat and no more the potty? maybe she fears the potty? or buy those funny color children toilet seats? or bribe her with her fav drink or food after she pees?

  4. My girl was the same too. She was fine to pee and poo on the adult toilet around 2 years old, then she regressed and refused to poo in the toilet and she hold it till she had constipation. Had no choice but to let her poo in the diaper. For half a year, I was sooo obssessed with her bowel movement. Then one day to another, she was fine poo-ing in the toilet. This is just a phase, then just have to let her wear diaper. I think when she attends school, she will be fine.

  5. The only way my mum could get Elyssa to sit on the potty last time was to reward the greedy girl with a biscuit. Bribery is not the best way…. but sometimes, whatever works will do!

  6. As a mom to three kids, thank heaven they were good babies!! How stressful and tiring it must be for everyone involved! Being a parent is no easy task but add onto minor problems like pee pee and poo poo battle time, gosh, it must be hard to keep your stress level on normal. Well you know, you have to this blog for your child to look back on so she’ll know what you had to go through raising her to adulthood

  7. such a pitiful sight, it’s so energy draining both for baby and for u, shireen. hope things will turn out well soon. btw my girl disliked the potty too, she preferred the child toilet seat placed onto the toilet. i kno it’s tough if u need to collect her wee wee

  8. i’ve to agree that it’s just a phase coz rye li also regressed from potty and the toilet bowl and i had to let her be to poo in her diapers till she is alright again to poo in the toilet.

    lately, she prefers to pee on the floor at our shower area. maybe u can offer the baby bathtub for her to do her stuff – at least from there you can also sniff her pee.

  9. i hope this is just a phase that she goes thru now. anyway, maybe try to get her a really nice potty and get her jie jie’s to “fight” (pretend) to poo in the potty??? somehow, shan rae is also like that. in the sense that, when the kor kor shows interest in something that he doesn’t likes or want in the 1st place, he will quicky take it back!!!!

  10. once my lil missy was hving constipation prob. all of us affected from bbsitter to her grandmothers. everyday will ask me, poo de or not? got poo2 or not. i was so happy when i see her poop! gosh… stress 🙁

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