Brunch At Sri Neela’s Indian Restaurant @ Taman Desa, Old Klang Road

My 2 older girls love Indian food and anything that is spicy. However we don’t always eat spicy food for fear of ‘heatiness’. My 2 girls have inherited their daddy’s DNA; they get throat infections and ‘heatiness’ very easily. They were worse when they were younger. Now that they are a little grown up and their immune system a tad stronger, they don’t fall sick every month anymore *knock on wood*!

Anyway, last week after running some errands, we went to Sri Neela’s for brunch. My girls, including Baby enjoyed their roti meals very much, and so did moi!

Deep fried chicken drumstick  and deep fried super crunchy bitter gourd – love them. I have always love Indian deep fried chicken, albeit they can be pretty expensive. See the glass of cucumber shake there?  It’s really refreshing and great way to expel the ‘heatiness’ from eating Indian food. If you go to Sri Neela’s, you should try their cucumber shake (no sugar but with a pinch of salt).

This tosei cheese is really tasty. I can whack the whole tosei with cheese all by myself.

My cucumber juice (different from cucumber shake) and teh C tarik with no sugar. 

Alycia and Sherilyn gulping down their ice lemon tea with double straws.

Baby enjoying roti tisu. It was her first time eating roti tisu and she whacked almost the whole crispy roti by herself!

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11 thoughts on “Brunch At Sri Neela’s Indian Restaurant @ Taman Desa, Old Klang Road

  1. I like plain roti canai, my girls go for roti canai dip with condensed milk, they have not tried any spicy food yet, your girls are very adventurous in food. I like the bitter gout too but sometimes they are a bit salty.

  2. i like the food at sri neela’s. used to go there quite often when i was still working in tmn desa. must go thr again when we happen to be near old klg rd. 🙂

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