Rude Shock

I was jolted up from bed at around 4am this morning when I heard a thud sound followed by Baby’s wail. She had fallen off our king sized bed!! My reflex action was amazingly quick. At the immediate sound of her cries, I jumped right up from bed, carried her up, gave her a hug and offered her my boops to pacify her haha! I must, must, must wean Baby off co-sleeping with us before another fall happens coz this fler tends to move like the clock’s hands when she sleeps and she’s all over our bed and all over us throughout the nite :S

Baby’s latest fascination — this activity of punching holes on our books and papers can keep her occupied for a long time.

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6 thoughts on “Rude Shock

  1. We had this heart stopping moment when my boy was less than a year old. He fell on the floor from our bed but because he moved around that we found him on the floor with the comforter nicely wrapped around his whole body.;) No injuries but he wailed out of shock. Hahaha..

  2. think it’s time to move her down to the floor, perhaps on a mattress? i’ve always had this nightmare after hearing many scary cases from friends, etc. so much so that i even wake up from these nightmares although it’s not real. only experienced it once rye li’s time and since then, been very careful.

  3. Ohh it happens to us all the time. That is why we have mattresses around the bed. Probably that’s why my sons are so crazy…..fall on their heads so many times! haha

  4. Yes, it’s high time 2-year-old Cassandra moves out of Mummy’s and Daddy’s room. Also time for weaning her from the boops…

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with breastfeeding our kids beyond two years old. Breast milk contains antibodies and nutrients that no other man or cow made milk can substitute. I didn’t wean my daughter until she was 3.

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