Whipping Up A Hurricane

These days, my mil has been very adventurous in the kitchen. Almost everyday, a surprise would await us ;P

One of the days last week, she whipped up a hurricane. In just half a day, she whipped up these surprises for us:

Baked lemon-orange cheese cake and a big portion of pesto sauce (made from fresh basil leaves, toasted pine nuts, fresh garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil)

Macro shot of the lemon orange baked cheese cake.

2 loaves of healthy multi grain bread.

And we had cheese cake and fresh-from-the-oven bread spread with fresh-from-the-blender pesto sauce for tea that day!  What a lovely treat we all had and I had to work out extra hard for the next few days that followed!

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10 thoughts on “Whipping Up A Hurricane

  1. Holy moley! Yr MIL is amazing! My MIL is an awful cook and I dread going over for dinner. Mercifully..she is getting too arthritic to cook anything major and haven’t been subjected to any more dinners!

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