My Precious Baby’s Growing Up Fast

Alycia my first precious baby is growing up too fast. From a cartoon-crazed toddler, she is now ‘promoted’ to the next level. Though she is now only 6.5 years old and is in Standard 1, she looks like an 8-yo girl and many of her likes have now changed. During this school term break, the TV has been hogged by her the whole day. She now chases series like CSI, Numbe3s, Lost, Ultraman, Transformers and other TVB series! My mil had just left for Hong Kong and will only be back several months later and there is no one to control them and help me babysit the girls. My next best babysitter is of course the TV. I know it’s bad. But maybe not really that bad as my 2 older girls have improved their vocab tremendously by picking up from TV programs. When school re-opens next week, TV will be off limits, I must ensure this!

Alycia’s reading has also improved a lot. She can now read Chinese characters quite well, much better than the yellow banana here.

She bought this Chinese story book with Han Yu Pin Yin at only RM2 from her school.  The Han Yu Pin Yin is helping her a great deal in recognizing the Chinese characters.   

Next week I will be collecting her very first report card from her school.  I am anxious to know how she had fared in her first term exam.  Well, she got As for all her test papers.  But according to her, it seems like everyone else in her class fared just as well wor. I’ll see….

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7 thoughts on “My Precious Baby’s Growing Up Fast

  1. She is doing great! I hope Sean can read by himself soon too… 😀 Nice to see the kids read by themselves, especially Mandarin… it is not easy though! Bravo Alycia!

  2. Same here my girl having a relax, playful term break at home. It is great that Alycia Mandarin is improving. Good to let kids read more story book as that will improve their vocab, writing their essay and their imagination too 🙂

  3. wah, csi?!!! she watches more adult (not the other meaning ah!) shows than i do. and here i was complaining tht ryeli watches too much of hanna montana…actually, i don’t mind if she loves watching csi which means i get to watch along with her. lol!

  4. those books only cost RM2??? can get me a few and send them over to me??? I especially like those with han yu pin yin, hehehe… my pronounciation is not so accurate, with han yu pin yin, can pronoun better mah…

    they really like to help out huh? my girl too, she is so eager to help me to tidy all those toys that Kelsey scattered around the floor…

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