My Little Earnest Helpers

During this school term break, my 3 girls have been helping me out at my online store.  I have delegated some tasks to them, which they took on without any complaints and completed them with much enthusiasm 😀

Alycia is really good with sticking the dockets onto the Pos Laju flyer bags. This task is not easy and it requires good hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Sherilyn ain’t too good with this and she backed out after she had damaged a few of the dockets and flyer bags. But Sherilyn is good with helping me tear off the Pos Laju consignment notes, which Alycia ain’t too good in it. So each of them had something to help out.

Even Baby helped out… to throw away all the unwanted papers into the bin.

My girls had helped me prepare over 100 Pos Laju flyer bags with the Consignment Notes all nicely torn out ready to be used. 

I must thank this blog reader of mine who had earlier suggested that I enlist the help of my girls with some of the tasks from my online store. With the help of my 2 older girls, so much of my precious time had been saved. Thanks Alycia and Sherilyn for your great help! And thanks to Baby who kept telling me this whenever I told her that my back hurt a lot “mummy, I massage you k?” Her volunteer to massage me was enough to soothe some of the pain I experienced on my back.

Did I tell you guys that I had the most awful backache earlier this week and landed in the hospital for an x-ray of my back as I suspected that I had a prolapsed disc? Well, this wonderful OTO Hans equipment cured my backache. Check out my health blog to read on….

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3 thoughts on “My Little Earnest Helpers

  1. Alicia is a very reliable daughter. am sure she can watch over her two sisters esp when they are older.
    eh, maybe u can tell chanel abt this OTO Han ‘machine’.her hubby seems to have back prob too.

  2. Ahh… it’s a good idea to great them involved in what you are doing… and I think they’ll understand that you are very busy and have lots of work to do too, esp when the maid leaves.

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