Goodies Made With Love From Home

When she’s around, I don’t have to worry about food on the table – 3 meals a day. She prefers homemade breads, cakes, cookies and homecooked food. When she’s around, she would discourage eating out and even discourages buying bread, buns and cakes from the bakery for she will bake them.

Here are some of the goodies that she made recently:

Pandan chiffon cake (sugar and oil reduced)…

Oatmeal-cranberry-almond cookies (sugar reduced)…

Marble cake. She baked 2 loafs of marble cake and a batch of oatmeal cookies in one afternoon!

And this is my breakfast… now you see why I was darn worried when I hurt my back and could not exercise for 4 days.  With so much good food, I cannot afford not to exercise for even 1 day.

Stir fried leek flowers with fresh ‘kai pay koo’ (chicken drumstick fresh mushroom) and fishballs…

Crispy pan fried fish…

Loh kai yake (braised chicken wings).

A very tasty bowl of ham choi – siew chee geok (preserved salted veggie soup with roast pork trotters, tomatoes and onions).

Now she’s gone and will be away in Hong Kong for several months.  I shall miss having piping hot and delish homecooked food served 2x a day.  I shall miss looking forward to what she’s whipping up in the kitchen and in the oven for us to have tea and breakfast every other day.  I shall miss staying cool and sweat-free during meal times.  Now, I have to take over the kitchen.  I shall be sweaty and smell of oil all over during meal times as I will be the one slogging over the hot stove, boo hoo hoo…


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17 thoughts on “Goodies Made With Love From Home

  1. btw, how many hours did she stay in the kitchen to produce all these yummy foods?? I am one lousy cook, and I have no “talent” in cooking, and I want to become a good cook, if possible, a good one like your MIL who LOVES cooking/baking… Possible-ka?

  2. CK… not very long – maybe around 2 hours. Anyone can bake and cook. As long as you have the interest, anything is possible 🙂

  3. I must say again, ur MIL is so nice, so willing to cook for u all. Mine won’t even cook for her own son she’s not seen in 3 years nor for her one and only grand daughter whom she’s only met twice. I am drooling at the cakes in this post LOL

  4. Mommibee… is it becoz she doesn’t know how to cook? Hey, very soon you’ll be bk in M’sia and you can taste your mum’s homecooked food 🙂

  5. My MIL is like that too and I sure wish she’d visit us more often! Aren’t they model Moms?

    Oooh…I’d love to have your braised chicken wings recipe because my boy is now into chicken wings!!!

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