Lemon Cheese Cocoa Sponge Cake

A day before my mil left for Hong Kong, she dug out whatever cake-baking ingredients that were in the fridge that were almost expiring to whip up a delish cake for us. There was no specific recipe for the cake. When I asked her what cake she was baking, she said it’s a ‘whatever ingredients that I have’ cake LOL! Nonetheless, the cake tasted fabulous, similar to those sold in bakeries.

This is her creation :

It is a cocoa sponge cake sandwiched  with fresh cream cheese (made with whipped cream cheese and lemon juice).  Topping is also lemon cream cheese and sprinkled with white chocolate coated rice crispies.  I must say that this innovatively baked cheese cake is very tasty…. not ‘jai’, not sweet, very fluffy, very cheesy and very chocolaty.  YUMS,  iLike!  She also cooked some dishes to deep freeze them so that we could have some instant meals after she had left. So good hor?

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