Awesome Website For Kids To Learn ABCs, Colors, Shapes, Time-Telling, Spelling

Mumsgather recently introduced this awesome website to me. Baby has since been hooked on this website. She plays with my laptop almost everyday and now, she hops straight to Literacy Center to learn her ABCs and spelling! Literacy Center teaches toddlers and pre-schoolers ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, time telling and much more.  It’s the next best free learning website, after Starfall.

Here Baby’s getting a helping hand from Sherilyn jie jie on how to spell the word yellow.  After a few tries, she now knows how to spell all her colors and she’s only 3YO!  Of course she does not really know it by hard. It’s by trial and error but after a few tries, she more or less knows the flow of letters for the spelling of all the colors.

During the day while I am busy on my desktop, she sits next to me and practices her spelling on the laptop!  Then, she will ask to go to You Tube to listen to her favorite songs and play her favorite Strawberry Shortcake games.  Kids these days are SO IT-savvy, aren’t they?

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11 thoughts on “Awesome Website For Kids To Learn ABCs, Colors, Shapes, Time-Telling, Spelling

  1. Joyce, then you can try You Tube. You just need to log in to YouTube and then key in ABC songs or 123 songs or nursery rhymes. But u still need to be next to her coz when the song finishes, you need to click to the next song or click to replay.

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