Flowers from daddy

My princess wannabe has all the traits of a princess except for one – her daddy and mummy ain’t the king and queen haha! She likes to be treated like a princess, dress up to the nines all the time like a princess, likes being served like one, likes to dine in classy restaurants and hotels, is bossy and very demanding and she likes flowers too. Princesses like flowers and everything pretty right?

On Sunday, hubs went to the florist to get some flowers for his functions and the girls followed him. As usual, Sherilyn pestered her daddy for some nice flowers and her ever yes-man daddy obliged.  He got her a cute and small bouquet of nice smelling flowers.  And she chose these flowers, the colors of which are all her favorite colors – yellow, pink and purple:

When we got home, the first thing she did was ran to the kitchen and badgered me to get a vase to place her flowers. Then she fished out a red ribbon and tied it to the vase LOL!   After settling down, she cut out a heart shape from a piece of paper to place it under the vase as a coaster and wrote this on the paper:

When daddy saw the piece of thank you note the next morning, he was SO touched and was grinning from ear to ear. This brat sure knows how to hit the bull’s eyes of the soft spot of his daddy’s heart!

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8 thoughts on “Flowers from daddy

  1. Hi, Shireen,

    She surely is a CREATIVE girl! ^.^

    Please make sure the Malaysia’s education system will not turn her into another exam girl.

    If you ask me 5 years ago whether a university paper is important, I would say Yes. But if you ask me now, I will say Not Really.

    The higher educated a person is, the less adventurous and creative he is. He tends to think too much until there is no action or less action.

    Just my two cents. ^.^

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