Cheap And Nice Crocs

The pasar malam at my neighborhood has a stall that sells Crocs – cheap and nice ones! I used to get my girls and myself original Crocs but after comparing the ori with fakes, I cannot really tell any difference, except for the logo. The color of the white Crocodile on the logo of ori Crocs will not fade while the fake ones will fade over time. Price aside, I love buying replicas as I can buy them as often as I want hehe…

Tell me, nice or not?

This Princess Aeriel for Baby only cost RM10 a pair…

This Hello Kitty for Alycia cost RM12 a pair (or was it RM10?) …

The pink-white flip flop for myself is RM12 and the pink Hello Kitty for Sherilyn is RM10 a pair.

4 pairs of Crocs for about RM40 is a steal eh? I can get my girls new ones again when new designs are available. Checking out the Crocs stall at the pasar malam is something the girls and I look forward to every Friday. Even Baby loves choosing her Crocs, that vain pot!

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9 thoughts on “Cheap And Nice Crocs

  1. Incredibly cheap! Just make sure they support those little growing feet. Can get real Crocs at discount stores in the US for USD 15-20 but I find they don’t give enough support to my aging & deformed feet.

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