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If you are a yellow banana who does not know a word of Chinese or only speak smattering Mandarin /can read a handful of Chinese words, you will find a life saver. You will thank me profusely today for leading you to this website, just like how I am so thankful to my blogger friend Su Kim who introduced this website to me.  I was on the verge of buying Besta Electronic Chinese English pocket dictionary which cost over RM2k.  Thank God I had not bought it earlier.  Now that I have found, I can use my mouse to write out the Chinese character to have it translated for me, complete with vocal sounds to help us on the correct pronunciation. — just use your mouse to write out the Chinese character on the box on the right.  A list of possible words with similar strokes with han yu pin yin will appear on the utmost right.  You then click on the chosen Chinese character and search it for the meaning / listen to the pronunciation. You will even be taught on the correct order of the strokes.

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  1. Thank you so much Shireen. I was about to ask my family to get Besta and post it to me. At least now I can help with my gal chinese homework easily.

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