Sam Pei Jie Chicken

My mil can whip up a very good chicken dish of Sam Pei Jie, a Taiwanese dish. This dish comprises of chicken, basil leaves, ginger, garlic and Chinese cooking wine. Now that she’s away for a few months, my girls’ meals are fully taken care of by me – 3x a day! And I’m talking about 3 fussy eaters. 3 of them have different preferences and different favorite food. The most pernickety is Alycia. And of course the man of the house!

Coming back to this Sam Pei Jie chicken dish. It was my first time trying out this dish and I am very glad that the dish turned out really delish – exactly like how my mil cooks it and even better that the one from Fong Lye Taiwanese restaurant, ahem 😀

I got the thumbs up from my 4 fussy eaters and a rating of 10/10 from my #1 critic – Alycia.

Will definitely cook this dish again and this time, I shall add more basil leaves to add more minty flavor to the dish.

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4 thoughts on “Sam Pei Jie Chicken

  1. Wat type of basil do u use? I wanted to try cooking this too n the man at the market asked if I wanted sweet basil or Thai basil?

  2. Mery, thanks!

    Shir Lin, I don’t know what species of basil. But not the type that is used to make Pesto sauce. This basil is always available at the wet market. It is dark green.. The next time you buy it, maybe you smell it first. It has a minty smell. Or you can google search sam pei jie and basil leaves 🙂

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