Angry Bird Craze Girls

No thanks to the popular Angry Birds online game, my 3 girls are loyal fan-see of the ugly birds with heavy frown. Almost every kid I see on the streets are crazy over ABs. The other day, while I was paying for ABs lanterns, I saw a little boy about 2-3YO, wearing ABs clothes. He saw the ABs lanterns that I was holding and kept saying “Angry Bird daddy”.

My girls, especially Alycia is besotted with ABs. She draws ABs whenever she has free time. She bugs me to bring her to the toy and sticker stall at the pasar malam every Friday and would behave herself very well, just to earn her ABs rewards from me.

If there is no ABs reward for her good behaviour, this girl will be one Angry Girl, I kid you not.

Even I love those Angry Birds tees, which my mum bought for her 3 grand daughters.

Part of my girls’ ABs collection…..colorful pens and stationery sets….

Glue, pens, mechanical pencils, sticker books, jig saw puzzle (for Baby, the jig saw puzzle buff) …

And oh yea, I also bought them each a cute Angry Birds lantern from a nearby mini market last week, to add to their collection of Angry Birds πŸ˜€ Shall take pix of them later.

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16 thoughts on “Angry Bird Craze Girls

  1. Both my kids love Angry Birds too….. just got them 3 sets of Angry Birds’ Tees….

    Wow…your kids have so many Angry Birds merchandise….

  2. My girls are the same. It’s hard to find in Sydney, so my cousin has been buying from pasar malam and markets in KL for them. You have so much stock there, you could sell online.

  3. oh dear! How much did you spent on AB in total? Everything you buy, have to x3! I only bgt my kids each an AB tee, total damage only RM26, but if your kids tire from AB, I don’t mind inheriting, hahahaha

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