Learning To Write From The iPad2

I used to spend a fortune on those alphabet and numbers tracing books for my girls. Baby has been learning how to write lately and has keen interest too. But this stingy mum does not want to spend so much money on those tracing books as sometimes she will get bored with the books and dump them in one corner. So I did a search on my iPad2 and found several awesome apps for kids to do alphabet and numbers tracing, yiiiiihaaaaa!! And they are so attractive, enticing, so colorful and comes with an iTeacher too, who will ‘talk’ to my baby girl and guide her! Not bad not bad, no regrets buying this gadget!

There are arrows guiding Baby the order of the strokes too!

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8 thoughts on “Learning To Write From The iPad2

  1. true they can learn this way but becareful as they only learn to write using their finger tip an still do not know how to hold a pencil and write properly.In other words i does not help to develope their motor skills.

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