Fitball To Counter Backache

I started to develop backache after the birth of Alycia. I think the spinal anesthetic given to me during the C-section is the main contributor to the pain. The backache was unbearable during my confinement. It was so pain that I could barely lie on my back. Fourteen months after the first spinal anesthetic, I was given yet another dose during the birth of Sherilyn in a C-section. And three years later, yet another painful spinal anesthetic in yet another C-section. In a span of 4 years, I had a total of 3 powerful and painful spinal anesthetic. I still have lower backache up until today. One of the ways to relief the back pain is to arch my back on a fitball everyday. I dutifully arched my back on the fitball for many years until recently, when I can no longer find the time to do so. The sinister back pain has reared its ugly head again and I have to force myself to exercise on my fitball again. The results cannot be better. I just have to sacrifice 10 minutes of my time everyday for the sake of my aching back.

That’s moi on the fitball, after a workout session at the gym. Pic taken by rascal #2.

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4 thoughts on “Fitball To Counter Backache

  1. Have you tried taking a good calcium supplements for your backache? One of my friend had the same backache as the one you are experiencing and the calcium really works for her.

  2. I got that too, especially when I carry heavy my girl or other heavy things for long period of time. I like to put hot water bottle on the painful part when I go to sleep, or I will get hubby to rub the some Perskindol gel on my back.

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