Charity For Kids @ Bangsar Village – Decorate A Gingerbreadhouse

Sherilyn and Baby had a whale of their time constructing a house for the first time in their lives… and it’s a house that is totally edible, just like Hanzel and Gratel !

We were at Bangsar Village today and hubs saw this ‘Decorate A Gingerbreadhouse Charity For Kids’ activity on the first floor, just outside MPH Bookstore. Without any hesitation, he paid RM25 for a house for Sherilyn and Baby to construct! Construction materials consist of biscuits, M&Ms, hawflakes, Spin chips and cute fish biscuits. Any kid will go crazy over this activity but not Alycia, who preferred to shop for books at MPH. And yes, we bought her 5 books for X’mas and for her 8th birthday which falls tomorrow.

Baby and Sherilyn spreading edible cream on the skeletal house before sticking biscuits and snacks on it. How cool and fun can this be eh? I would have gone berserk engaging in this activity if there were such a thing 30 years ago!

Biscuits and snacks arranged in a buffet line for the kiddos to pick and choose their construction materials! Many kids were seen popping the biscuits and M&Ms into their mouths and I did pop a slice of hawflakes into my mouth ooops 😀

The ‘cement’ made from icing sugar, egg yolks and water…

And this is the edible house which Sherilyn, Baby, mah mah and I built! Nice hor but….. after a jerky and bumpy ride home with cream and biscuits dropping off from the house onto the car… our helper dropped the house on the car park basement the moment she alighted from the car!!!!! It was a total disaster sight! Our 1 hour of hard work building the house was on the floor. Hubs and helper had to clean up the creamy mess too!!

If your kids are interested in this charity even, quickly head over to Bangsar Village.  It ends on Sunday, 18 Dec 2011.

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