Candylicious and Loco Gelato @ KLCC

Would your kid ever allow you to leave a candy shop without you getting him/her some candies? What’s more if it’s at Candylicious, the giant candy boutique at the concourse of KLCC? My kids would but we had to substitute candies with something else – a super cute miniature Candylicious trolley for rascal #2 and a Loco Gelato ice fruit sorbet lolly each for rascal #1 and #3.

I’ll bet anyone would succumb to at least an item at the whimsical Candylicious store, whether it is edible or non-edible. My hubs almost succumbed to some Hersheys chocolates but I stopped him just in time before he grabbed a packet to the check-out counter.

The dangling giant lollies hanging on the ceiling is definitely eye-catching and a sure thing to entice anyone passing this store to step in to have a look-see and then grab a trolley and fill it up with goodies like Hanzel and Gretel in the enchanted candy house!

Loco Gelato (adjacent to Candylicious) would be the health freak’s perfect kind of ice cream as the range of ice creams and ice lollies (over 24 flavours) are preservative-free and there are options for fat-free and sugar-free ones.

Alycia chose a mango ice lolly and Cassandra picked a strawberry ice lolly. I find the ice lollies very creamy, smooth and not sweet at all. Just perfect for my liking and for kids.

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9 thoughts on “Candylicious and Loco Gelato @ KLCC

  1. What a dentist’s nightmare!! I have to confess when we went to Washington DC for Easter and stopped at Hershey, Pennsylvania (yes, that Hershey!) I ended up spending USD 30 on candy! I am so ashamed!

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