Hilarious Kids’ Talk – Plucking Mummy’s Armpit Hair

This morning, my eldest begged me to allow her to help me put on nail polish on my toe nails. It was a bottle of new nail polish in marine aqua color, which I bought from Pavillion yesterday πŸ˜€

Alycia – mummy, can you give me RM1 after I have helped you put on the nail polish?

Me – no thank you! I can do it myself. You do your homework before Ms M comes. I do not need your help really. Go do your homework now.

Alycia – no lar, just kidding. I can do it for you, can I pleassssssse? I actually love to do it coz I love painting hehe… ( I was actually very reluctant to allow Alycia to polish my toe nails, lest she paints my skin too! )
But do you know mummy, my friend got RM1 from his mummy after helping his mummy pull off armpit hair!

Me – WHAT? Is your friend a boy or girl?!

Alycia – boy. He told me that his mummy paid him RM1 and he had to help his mummy pull out all the armpit hair for 45 minutes!

ME – oh my God muahahahahahahaha!!! And your friend actually told you that he helped his mummy pluck armpit hair? Not malu ah? And he is a boy.

Alycia – we were actually telling each other how we earn pocket money. Β  Can we not talk about this anymore? This is just so DISGUSTING and I am feeling a bit giddy now!!

And the both of us rolled on the floor laughing our tears out LOL!!

To end the conversation, Alycia asked me why I never pluck my armpit hair to which I said NO, that’s just too painful and tedious, not to mention too time consuming. I’d rather shave it clean everyday during my shower.

And I am just wondering if anyone else pays her kid money to do this sort of vanity jobs like plucking of armpit hair, plucking of eyebrow, body massage (which I used to do until the hubs bought me an OTO portable massage chair), manicure and pedicure, LOL!! Do you?? Come on, spill the beans, just in the name of fun and laughter hahahah!

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9 thoughts on “Hilarious Kids’ Talk – Plucking Mummy’s Armpit Hair

  1. lol! thanks for ideas…kaka. i’ve only made RL look for my white hairs and the girls to walk on my back as in massage. and nope, i didnt pay them. i plan to make them do house chores eventually! πŸ˜‰

  2. LOL!!! such talk between kids. U know, I just think that young kids sometimes still doesnt know how to draw a line between boys and girls. Sometimes i asked my boys who they wanna marry in future and they answer some of their “boyfriends” in school :p

  3. I thought I’ve heard it all but this little boy’s mum takes the cake LOL The poor kid. Why would anyone want their armpit hair plucked anyway? Wouldn’t it hurt???

    For that matter, my boy loves to check my armpit now and then. Don’t know what’s up with that…

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