Snap Pictures Your Way To Win A Free Swede Cooking Class by IKEA!

I am super duper, uber excited! I have just been invited by Ikea to attend a free cooking class conducted by a Swedish team next week! That will be my very first cooking class and it came timely coz my mil will be leaving us again for Hong Kong for a month very soon. Without the great cook of the house, I am feeling a tad jittery as the 4 fussy eaters in the house are oh so used to being served tastefully cooked dishes everyday. I hope that after attending this Swede cooking class, I will have a rough idea on how to prepare Swede dishes and can whip up a few new dishes to whet the appetite and excite the palate of my 4 fussy pots.

Don’t be envious hor. You too stand a chance to win an invite to attend an exclusive Ikea Swede Cook Class event on 30 JUNE 2012!  10 lucky fans will be picked!  And it’s easy peasy to do it too.   All you need is a camera or a mobile phone with camera function and begin snapping like mad pictures of food that you cooked, food that you ate, happy moments of you with your loved ones or friends in the kitchen, your best recipe and cooking tips. Then email the picture in jpeg format with your most creative or funny caption with your full name to You can start to email your application from now until 14 JUNE 2012.  Now’s a great time to snap pictures as it’s the school holidays and you  have plenty of fun time with your family in the kitchen.

For more details, just click on this link. Have loads of fun snapping food pictures and I hope you’ll win!

In case you have no idea what picture to submit, here’s just an example. But I am sure you can snap much, much better pictures than this 😀

Hurry mummy, our saliva’s dribbling onto mah mah’s hot yoghurt walnut buns!  Why let your camera eat first??

Looks good?  It tastes even better.  This is what my mil whipped up with some overly ripened bananas – a fluffy and cottony soft banana walnut chiffon cake with the ooomph factor!

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