New Found Flash Cards

Cass was rummaging through my drawers  last week and guess what she fished out from the deepest end of the drawer that I hardly open? Boxes of flash cards on Math (division, addition, subtraction), words, opposites and nouns! They were all new and I was so pleasantly surprised with her unintentional discovery!  I inspected the flash cards and tried hard to trace back when I had bought them.   Moments later of trying to muse over the history of the new flash cards, I remembered that I had bought them 6 years ago, back in the early year of 2007, when Cass was not even formed yet!  Imagine the cards have been sitting nicely inside the deepest and darkest spot inside my bedroom drawer and had it not been Cass’ curiosity to dig inside the drawer, I think the flash cards would have to be given away later.  They ain’t cheap ok and I bought them when I was still very much a pro-flash cards full-time SAHM with a full-time maid and had so much time on hand to flash cards to Alycia and Sherilyn up to 3-5 times a day!  I even had the time to make my own flash cards and even made my own story books with pictures of Alycia and Sherilyn and a story to go with each picture to pique their interest in reading.

Anyway, the flash cards are still handy.  Since Sherilyn still faces confusion with the spelling of some nouns in plural like when to change ‘f’ to ‘ves’,  ‘y’ to ‘ies’, etc., I started to flash the cards to her with Cass observing and learning as well.  But the Math flash cards with simple additions are too easy even for 5-YO Cass.  I still do not have the heart to give them away as the cards are still so new and are very sentimental to my heart. Perhaps I will just do like what my mum likes to do, that is to keep them for my grand-children HAHA!

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