Hooked On Making Homemade Smoothies With My New Shimono!

I admit I am a sucker for healthy food and health products. If you repeatedly show me how awesome a blender, juicer, air fryer or a food detoxifier is, that’s it, I will go weak and will eventually succumb to temptation!

My friends in Facebook have been posting pictures on homemade smoothies made using the Korean made Shimono food processor since last year. I had wanted to purchase it since last year but never really got to it as I was not 100% convinced that the Shimono could make a really smooth cup of smoothie without having to sieve the fiber and pulp.

2 weeks ago, a friend posted pictures on her amazing smoothies and what she could whip up with the Shimono.  I grilled her with my long list of questions.  She was too patient to answer all my queries and I then made up my mind to get it under a GB (Group Buy) for SAHMs from Facebook @ only RM200 a set. Regular price is RM299 a set. I immediately paid for it online and on Sunday, got the hubs to bring me to One Utama Shopping Centre to pick up my baby! And there has been no regrets for this purchase. I have been making smoothies for everyone at home since then and thankfully my kids gave me their wholehearted thumbs up and said that my smoothies taste like those from Boost Juice wahahahaha!

This is my maiden smoothie made using my Shimono, using all the fruits that I could find in my fridge…

My smoothies in the fridge, placed in party cups with colorful caps (part of the Shimono set).  The smoothies composed of oranges, apples, pears, strawberries, purple grapes and chia seeds for the extra boost of calcium, Omega 3 and protein. I observed that strawberries and purple grapes give a very beautiful pink and purple hue to the smoothie.

My baby girl enjoying her healthy smoothie!

Today, I will be making red dragon fruit, strawberry and chia seeds smoothie for the kids and coffee ice blended for the hubs!

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23 thoughts on “Hooked On Making Homemade Smoothies With My New Shimono!

  1. Try with local fruits(it is always better and cheaper than imported!) like papaya and pineapple, even soursop. Some like a bit of ginger for a nice balance to the taste, altho not sure if kids would enjoy that.

  2. I bought my Shimono about a year ago and it turned out to be one of the best investment in my kitchen 🙂 We used it almost on a daily basis.

    You can add oats too, to make it a more filling drink. Or add in other healthy stuff like wheat germ, flax seed etc. (can’t taste it)

    Happy blending!

  3. Glad the whole family enjoys your homemade smoothies which are natural and not over diluted then sweetened as those sold. Their love for it gives you the incentive to make it daily and then you find you don’t mind the little extra effort. Eventually it becomes a habit or routine, no more a chore. Papa and I have been enjoying homemade smoothies almost daily when we first bought a smoothie maker. Good buy and good job , Shireen!

  4. i feel tempted to get one too. need to research for more info. can i ask, do u think it’s the right size to blend bb’s food and make puree?

  5. Mel, yes I think it is the right size. You’ll love it. After blending the food, u can feed yr bb directly from the blender cup, thus less washing to do. But do blend coarsely. Don’t blend till it’s too smooth coz this will make yr bb lazy to chew his/her food and will create problems later (storing food in mouth and lazy to chew), like in the case of my #2. It took me many years to train her to chew her food properly and to eat on her own.

  6. Carmen , Shimono is a food processor and there is another part that comes in the set to be used as juicer. It depends on what yr needs are — i.e. to make smoothies or juice? I like Shimono as I find it very easy to use and most importantly, to clean up after use. For juicer, there are many parts to wash, which I hate.

  7. Shireen, you mean that Shimono food processor can make smoothies? Is juice or smoothies better in terms of nutritions, etc?

  8. Carmen, smoothies are of course better than juice as smoothies contain the whole fruit, all blended up. The fiber is also eaten in smoothies but not in the case of juice.

  9. hi, i am interested in this shimono food processor too. can i have the contact where you got yours? 🙂 thank you so much

  10. Yien, i have not tried using carrots but yes with beetroot. I mixed with orange. Since beetroot has rough fiber and has an earthy taste, you can add more ‘fragrant’ fruits like orange or strawberry or even with melons to make it more palatable. And add more water since the outcome is thick. Happy trying!

  11. Hi shireen,

    I’m very interested to get this food processor. Initially I want to get a slow juicer but the good ones in the market cost more than 1k. Too expensive for me.

    Can u share the Facebook page that u bought this under GB? I email to May Chang as per your reply above since last week but no reply yet.

    One more question. . the end result of the smoothie is similar to boost juice right? Cos my hubby likes boost juice smoothie a lot. .. Thanks so much!

  12. Hi Jessica
    There is no FB page for this GB. It is my friend in FB who informed me. Maybe you can email May Chang again? Or try to call :
    Contact person : Milan >016-670 4626

  13. Jessica, if you blend it long enough and put ice to blend or blend frozen fruits, yes it tastes like Boost Juice (to me).. Do not add too much water, else too watery / bland. You have to keep trying to get the best consistency, good luck!

  14. Hi shireen, I managed to contact May via FB & she quoted 220. Slightly higher than your price but still cheaper than retail 299. Self pickup at 1U.
    There’s also a strainer/filter as part of the set to make juice right? Have you made juice besides smoothie? And is it hard to clean the filter? Sorry for asking so many Q’s 🙂

  15. Hi Jessica, I hv not tried using the juicer yet coz am just too lazy to brush / wash the filter. Besides, smoothies are superior as you gulp down the entire fruit vs juice which is sans the fiber/ pulp 🙂

  16. Hi, I want to buy this product but I am afraid if it also good for apple or carrot juice. someone told that it only works with soft fruits like oranges. apple and carrot needs strong blades so this product is not suitable for making these juices. is it right. please someone who has this product from shimono can test and confirm me.

    1. Hi Batool, I have not tried blending carrot with Shimono. Since it can also be used as a juicer, I think the blades should be strong enough for carrot. But if you are worried that the blades are not strong enough, then you can buy a juicer instead.

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