Freaking Hot Weather — Continuation From 27 March 2014

Yesterday was by far the sweatiest day of this year for me!  Cooking in the kitchen for half an hour, made me sweat as if I was in a sauna for an hour!  After cooking dinner of  spaghetti, I was sweating buckets, I kid you not!  While laboring in front of the stove, I had sweat trickling down my forehead, neck, temples and everywhere else.  I wish I could just don on my sleeveless batik nightie with nothing underneath (coughs!)  but the new maid was here and I forced a bra under my dress.   After cooking, I had to shower the third time before zooming off to fetch Sherilyn from the enrichment centre.

I showered a total of 5 times yesterday. I could not give a dang that there is not enough water in the dams. I could feel my blood boiling inside me, caused by the heat surrounding me, especially in front of the stove.  Not like my shower takes fifteen minutes to half an hour. I only have 2 proper baths in a day and the rest are normally a one-minute shower, just to wash off the heat and to feel comfortable.  No soap used, as this will dry my skin. Just powder myself nice nice after bath to make myself smell desirable again.

Yesterday, my new part-time maid started work.  She wore a 2-piece long and thick sleeve knitted top in dark brown with black very very tight legging!  And she walked for about 20 minutes to my place under the blazing sun.  Oh me gosh, when I saw what she wore, I politely told her that next time she could bring a sleeveless top or a short sleeve tee and short pants to change when she worked. But she said “tak payah, saya dah biasa”!  And I did not see a drop of sweat on her face.  Huh?  Is she cold blooded or what? I wonder why she did not sweat wearing autumn clothing in 44 degrees Celsius weather and doing house work all wrapped up like a dumpling! LOL!


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