Day Trip To Kellie’s Castle and Teluk Intan (4 June 2014)

It was an eleventh hour and impromptu decision to bring the kids to visit Kellie’s Castle. I casually asked dad on Tuesday night if he could drive us to Kellie’s Castle on Wednesday morning and my dad obliged without any hesitation. Muacks muacks papa 🙂

After the visit to Kellie’s Castle yesterday, my dad was in a mood to drive us to Teluk Intan to visit his sister.  It was the kids’ first ever visit to Kellie’s Castle and Teluk Intan.  It was also a maiden visit for my parents and me to Kellie’s Castle.

From the facade, Kellie’s Castle looked like a castle from the olden days of white knights and princesses. Indeed very impressive and grandiose.  Inside the castle, everything is in ruins and dusty.  We had a lot of stairs climbing to do and when we were at the top, Cass who has a  phobia of heights screamed out to be brought down.  There are also no proper safety measures and fencing to prevent accidents.



Our tour of the much talked-about Kellie’s Castle with paranormal sightings…

And yes, I did feel spooky when I toured the castle *sweats*!!

Now, who dares to partake in the Kellie’s Castle Paranormal Night Tour?

We saw a bride and groom doing their bridal photography at the castle. The pair climbed up to the top of the castle for their photography. Err, I would never want to do mine here, in a castle that is believed to be haunted, lest my photos get photo-bombed by some unwanted figures! And on a hot and sweltering day some more – my make up would definitely smear my face, making me look like a ghost LOL!

This was supposed to be the dining area.  The castle was yet to be completed when William Kellie Smith passed on in Scotland.

After the visit to Kellie’s Castle, dad brought us to Tg Tualang in the hope of bringing the kids to see the famous tin mining dredge but unfortunately, the place was closed.  The kids could only catch a glimpse of the humungous dredge from the car.  I told the kids that once upon a time in Ipoh, their great grand father (their daddy’s grand parents) was a well-known tin-miner and philanthropist in Ipoh.


As my dad (who is 71 years old this year) was in a mood to drive around yesterday, he made a detour and brought us to Teluk Intan.

Upon arrival at Teluk Intan, we visited the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan, then adjourned to have lunch with my aunt, visited the Teluk Intan River Front, visited the biscuit shop to get some famous Teluk Intan biscuits and then cooled ourselves down with coconut water before returning to Ipoh.

 photo telukintanleaningtower_zpscb2d72a5.jpg
In this picture, the tower looked slanted to one side but from most angles, the slant is not really very obvious.  We climbed to the top of the tower, which was only 3 storeys high but the stairs leading up the tower were very very steep and narrow.

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On our way back to Ipoh using the old trunk road, it poured cats and dogs shit. We stopped at Kampar to get some famous paus and reached Ipoh at 6pm.  The kids enjoyed themselves very much but I found it quite torturous be be walking around under the hot scorching sun and climbing flights after flights of stairs the whole day.   As I had said before, this is one of the sacrifices of a mother — to do things that you do not like to do all for the sake of your kids!  Ah, the joys of motherhood! 🙂


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  1. What interesting info! I had seen the paranormal show a few years ago abt that castle but they found nothing. Looks like they have really done up the place now. I never even knew this place existed. And that leaning tower is so cool! Just goes to show lots more places to see in Msia!

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