Hectic Day

The past few days have been hectic for me. I have been in a checking + packing frenzy, to rush out my customers’ orders. Total is the last day for courier pick up before the Hari Raya holiday. Since last week, I have been receiving stock from my supplier almost everyday. The house is in a mess. Clothes and parcels are everywhere. On the dining table – the girls’ school books and workbooks are piled high up. It’s the exam week for Alycia and Sherilyn. Everyone in the house has been busy busy busy! I am a ONE LEG KICK entrepreneur  work-from-home-mum with no help.

This is  part of my customers’ parcels for Pos Laju collection today…


The past few days, I have been churning out smoothies for the girls.  This is just what they need now – an extra boost of vitamins and antioxidants to fight the exam stress and haze.

Today I made ice-blended orange + pineapple + chia seeds + fresh coconut water and coconut flesh smoothie with our Blendtec blender.  Love this blender as it can churn out 3-4 glasses of smoothie at the touch of a button.    Boost Juice uses Blendtec too. And it is super easy to clean!


This  glass of immune system booster, blended with all natural goodness is so refreshing and good to the last drop.


And this is kept in a glass bottle in the fridge, for Sherilyn when she comes home in the evening…



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    1. Hi Kim
      I am not too sure where to get it in Malaysia. My SIL from Hong Kong gave it to us. I was told that it cost RM3k+ here. Perhaps you go to the Blendtec website and ask where the Malaysia office is? 😉

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