Staycation at The Westin KL (1 – 2 August 2014)

The girl’s aunt and cousin from Hong Kong are here for their yearly vacation.  This year, their trip coincides with the week-long Raya holiday and we decided to have a staycation at Westin Hotel for the four cousins to bond with each other. For us, this is our second staycation at a hotel in the heart of KL in the same week and my first ever staycation in KL with SIL and nephew from HK.



For once, my camera-shy 11-year old allowed her picture to be taken!  With her 2-piece swimsuit some more!!  I am definitely gonna strike lottery tomorrow! LOL!


Cass had to wear her dress to play at the wading pool as she lost her swimsuit along with her goggles when she lost her backpack at the Pavillion shopping mall last night 🙁



The girls with their cousin, having a splashing good time today.





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