Four Points Sheraton Penang (16 – 17 September 2014)

For the past five years, our usual stay in Penang would either be Northam Suites, G Hotel, Gurney Hotel or Hard Rock Penang. This time, we tried Four Points by Sheraton and we all loved this hotel!

Four Points Sheraton Penang is situated in Tg. Bungah, about 15 minutes drive from Gurney Drive.


We rented 2 Executive Suites facing the sea and the view was awesome pawsome!!

The view from my parents’ room was breathtaking. Too bad we could not take a good shot of the view using our Samsung phones. Alycia and Sherilyn slept on the comfy couch next to the window in my parents’ room (as shown in the picture below). Cass could still fit into a baby cot, placed next to our bed.


View from the 2nd floor of my parents’ room at Four Points Sheraton , Penang…


Welcome snacks from the hotel…

The Executive Suite rooms were very spacious and clean. The staff were very friendly and service was good. The only thing that we were a tad disappointed in was the food at the buffet breakfast. This said, I think the disappointing breakfast would not deter us from staying at Four Points Penang again. After all, the breakfast was only to fill up half our tummies before we charged the hawker stalls in Penang HAHA! What’s a trip to Penang if you do not get to indulge in char kuay teow, assam laksa, rojak, cendol and seafood eh? 😉

Four Points by Sheraton Penang - Four Points Suite - Living Area

I can never get enough of the view of the beach, so magnificent and invigorating!



View from where Sherilyn slept…


Four Points by Sheraton Penang - Swimming Pool

Breakfast by the pool and beach…

After breakfast the next day… the skies were gloomy and then it poured cats and dogs.

The stretch of beach at Four Points hotel was teeming with seashells. My seashells craze Cass could not believe her luck and eyes when she first saw the bounty of seashells on the long stretch of beach. Before our trip to Penang, I promised her that I would buy her some seashells if we happen to chance upon someone selling seashells. But now the seashells are free for our picking, absolutely! Upon checking into the hotel, the girls quickly changed into their beach attire, ran to the beach and started picking up seashells. We even bruised our knees and hands to climb over some huge rocks to get over to the other side of the beach to hunt for more seashells! We collected 2 big bags of seashells on the first day! It was enjoyable for the girls, their daddy, koong koong, granny and for me too, hunting for the best piece of seashell.


My dad collecting seashells with the girls…

Part of the girls’ seashells loot…


Just before we checked out from the hotel the next day, Cass badgered her daddy to bring her to the beach to pick up seashells again. The ever indulgent daddy agreed and despite the burning 12 noon fiery sun, daddy and I walked the beach with Cass for a final round of seashells collection. After 20 minutes, I was flushed and went under the shade of the trees to seek refuge while daddy and Cass continued hunting for the best piece of seashell. Yes, we did find some very pretty and amazing seashells! 🙂



Till we meet again soon, Four Points Sheraton Penang! Hopefully we will be able to come back in May 2015!


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4 thoughts on “Four Points Sheraton Penang (16 – 17 September 2014)

  1. Wow! I had never been able to pick up any nice shells on beaches, other than the normal seeham shells. Lol. You are so lucky Cass! =D

    1. Kcan, when we stayed at Hard Rock Penang 3 yrs ago, we did not see many seashells at the beach. Hard Rock is not too far away fr Four Points. Yes, Cass was so lucky this time. 🙂

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