Namoo On The Park @ Publika

We planned to leave KL for Ipoh very early in the morning today but as expected, work cropped up and hubs had to settle some work at his office. So we had to drop our plan of having good old Ipoh hawkers food at Kwong Heng.  Instead we went to Publika @ Solaris Dutamas to have lunch before our journey to Ipoh.

Hubs brought us to Namoo On The Park. This restaurant serves Korean fusion cuisine with an interesting Tex-Mex influence.

The first dish that came was Bibimbab Hot Stone Beef Rice with kimchi.  For someone who does not fancy eating rice, I could not resist trying out this very flavorful rice served in hot stone bowl. It was pretty spicy and the girls were gulping down cups of water after each spoonful or rice.



The  Namoo Galbi Beef Ribs were scrumptious – very enjoyable to the last bite and bone licking good too – justifiable for a RM53.90 price tag.


Carbonara pasta with raw alfalfa sprouts for the kids


Beef rice burger. The rice burger was firm, sticky and dense and does not break up easily. It was chewable with a nice texture and way better than eating wheat flour buns. The burger was flavorful and served with some salad and french fries as accompaniments.



Red Velvet cake with butter cream.


The damage…




Namoo On The Park is located next to one of the cleanest and coolest playgrounds I have seen in KL.  It reminds me of the park at Marina Cove in Singapore – check this out…


My odd ball no.2 gave me another eye-rolling moment when she wore her thick GAP jacket to play in the park under a 36 Degrees C sweltering heat!!  She got scalded by some hot acid spewing out from my mouth when she refused to remove the jacket!  My terrible tween, who sometimes makes me feel like she is a twin of the devil!



After our lunch at Namoo, hubs dragged us all to Whimsical opposite Namoo to have some really whimsical desserts like nasi lemak ice cream (yes you read it right – nasi lemak in ice cream!) and cotton candy Affocado!  Stay tuned to catch the pix!





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5 thoughts on “Namoo On The Park @ Publika

    1. CL, I can balloon up very easily too if I dont control my food portion. I eat everything but eat in very small portions and hardly over-eat till I am so full I feel like puking 😉

  1. Hubby and I ate here for one of our dinner paktor session. The park next to it is really cool and convenient for families with small children – easy to keep an eye on the kids. We found the portion a tad bit too small as we both can kinda eat… haha… but the new Korean waiter who could hardly string a sentence in English was too good looking! Wonder if he is still there…

    1. Irene, we didn’t see any Korean waiter there that day. Today we past by Namoo again and wanted to lunch there but in the end, we went opposite to Urbano e Fresco to try out this place. Great pizzas they have.

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