Le Toy Van Blender Set From Applecrumby & Fish

Cass received another big surprise yesterday!

When she got back from school, her face lit up with glee when she saw this cool toy set on the floor…



I think the owner of Applecrumby & Fish has some kind of sixth sense and read my mind.  I had always wanted to buy the girls a wooden ‘masak-masak’ set with sliceable wooden fruits since their toddler days but never got to do so. So, when I ripped open the box and found this ‘dream toy’ for my girls, I was delighted myself!

Cass has been playing with her new toy since yesterday. When her 2 che ches returned from school, they joined her in the play too! It has really been a while since the girls have a new toy and I have not seen them play with toys with each other for yonks! It is really heartwarming to see them put aside electrical gadgets and get down to the floor to really play like kids should.


Cass also handmade some ‘fruits’ from colorful Blue Tac for her ‘smoothie’.  This is what I call imaginative play and I love to see kids stir up their imagination to come up with something new each time.



The Le Toy Van Blender set features:

1) a blender with detachable jug & movable settings button
2) six sliceable wooden fruits
3) wooden play knife
4) two wooden tumblers with removable toppings & wooden straws


Thank you very much Applecrumby & Fish for this cool blender set.  Cass loves it very much 🙂

Applecrumby & Fish is having an ongoing Anniversary Sale from now until Saturday, 4 October 2014. All items are off 20% except for clearance items. Do check them out!




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