Mega Lego Project – First Phase Completed!

There… finally the girls have erected the first of three Lego houses!   I am so mighty proud of them coz you know why?


This is the reason why…

This Lego with 2,032 pieces is meant for 16-year olds and above but my girls – aged 6, 9 and 10 managed to co-build this!  They take turns sitting at the table, spending an hour to two each time per person working on this project.  For Cass, I have to teach her some Maths as some of the pieces that look similar measure differently in size.  I really have to applaud their patience and I am amazed that Cass can read the Lego legend so well.   She is the one who completed the third floor of this house last night!  My girls are definitely better than me in the department of patience, critical thinking and three-dimension interpretation!

Here is the backyard of the house…

This Lego project is an excellent way for my girls to kill time during the school holidays.   It helps with building their problem-solving, organization and planning skill, teaches them to think in three dimensions and enhances critical thinking.

Now, I sure hope someone from Lego reads this and rewards my girls with some mega Lego sets for them to work on during their next school holiday! 😀


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