Home-cooked Meals For Recess

This is an almost nightly affair for the drama queen.  Before she eats her dinner, she would ask me if there is enough food for her to bring to school for recess the next day.  If yes, she would quickly keep some in a stainless steel container with cover.  The next morning, I would wake her up 5 minutes earlier and she would put the container of food into the wok to heat up. She’s pretty hands-on in the kitchen 🙂

Sometimes I will heat up the food in the microwave oven for a minute.

I cooked this with egg plant dish with minced meat, tomatoes and fermented soy beans (‘taucheong’) sometime last week. Yes, another one-pot dish.  You can even throw in some beans to add more fiber into this dish.  Just this dish alone is good enough if you have no time to dish out a 3-dish dinner. And it’s so appetizing and yummy!

I also made a quick soup using chicken ribs, dried mushrooms, radish and cabbage with salmon balls (yeah yeah, salmon balls are junk and I was duped into buying them ok!)

And this portion is for Miss Drama Queen’s recess the next morning.

A warm home-cooked bento box for recess – anytime better than sausages, nuggets, fish balls and cold nasi lemak from the school canteen! Have I told you that the food sold at the girls’ canteen REALLY sucks?  I shudder just thinking of them. Poor kids.



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