My Thursday – 14 May 2015

I’ve been feeling draggy, really bushed and shitty since yesterday, no thanks to PMS. This morning, I downed 2 packs of Izumio hydrogen water and it has never once let me down.  I felt like a wilting flower restored back to life after the 2 packs of Izumio.  The Japanese man who came up with this product is indeed a genius!  No wonder, it is also called miracle water!

I was not really in the mood to work but in the mood to do online shopping!  Gawd, I need to stop shopping and save $$!  To distract myself from loitering at my suppliers’ websites,  I did something fun to perk my mood up.  I googled for ‘Health Freak Mommy’ and  aha, within 0.33 seconds, about 479,000 results were churned out by this smart engine, WOW!  I also found many of my previous blog posts mentioned in several interesting places *mood lifted instantly*  😀

My Blogspot blog posts pinned by people whom I do not know in Pinterest…

My recent post on homecooked Korean style seaweed fried rice…


My post on this fine dine restaurant (Bracu) that we dined at in Auckland last year…


My very old post on homecooked pan-fried prawns…



I also found my blogspot blog ( listed in a UK website and pray tell how it’s listed there!!  And here’s what this UK website has to say about my blog:

2,962,163 – Rank in United Kingdom

3,950,200 – Worldwide Rank

Monthly pages viewed 7,885
Monthly visits 6,804
Value per visitor
Estimated worth £2,568.05 *
External links 183
Number of pages 3,465



Did you see how much my blog is worth?   Do check out how much it’s worth in GB Pounds!  In another site in the US (, my blog’s name landed there too and it’s estimated to worth a whopping USD338,345! Hmmm, anyone wants to buy it? 😀

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