What A Night!

Ever since we moved in to our condo 7 years ago, there was hardly a power outage.  Well, maybe twice or thrice in 7 years.  Last night was just one of those unlucky nights. We were all in the midst of doing our things when bang, the house went into darkness.

My poor Alycia who was studying for her exam (final trial UPSR) had to take an hour break and mind you, for someone who only does her revision at the eleventh hour, an hour of break is a long time!  Thankfully the power supply resumed and she had to study way until midnight.

We searched the house for candles but could not find them. We called hubs on the phone and he said that he had thrown all the candles  away as he thinks that keeping candles in the house is a hazard with mischievous girls of his around! For once I agree with him. With only the small emergency light from the ceiling fan and 2 torch lights (one big and one small), we had to take turns using the torch lights.

I told Alycia to quickly do her revision under the ceiling fan with an emergency light as the light will only lit for half an hour. Yup for only half an hour after which the house will be in total darkness.  Miss Cool As Cucumber nonchalantly sat at the dining table under the emergency light to do her Math workbook armed with a small torch light. Thankfully I bought her a small torch light last month when she went for an overnight stay at a resort with her school prefect team.

Our part-time helper used the big torch light to continue with her chores while I called the condo manager on his mobile phone to tell him to get his technicians over to fix the outage problem.

Thankfully with emergency lights at the corridor and pool area, we could get a wee bit light at the kitchen for our helper to continue with her chores.

On hindsight, we should keep more torch lights in the house.   Since Alycia will be sitting for her UPSR exam next month, we should also buy a new rechargeable fluorescent emergency light.  Even if a power outage happens again on her exam night, well, we will be more prepared. But ‘choi, knock on wood!!  Hopefully all will go smoothly during her UPSR exam week with no exam leak this year!


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5 thoughts on “What A Night!

  1. Try and get lights with a motion sensor if available. As well, I do like to have travel candles, essentially candles in a tin can. I use it to “clear” the air in the bathroom when travelling, and it has saved me more than once when blackouts are common in China, and I did not have to finish my shower in the dark. Very inexpensive and no batteries needed. Just cannot have the matches with you but I can always find some in hotels and shops.

    1. Hey Adrine, my mobile phone has a flash light app too but the problem was my phone battery was almost flat at that time and my power bank was only half full *double whammy* The flashlight app will be very useful for short time usage of say half an hour 🙂

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