Haze Holiday (Thursday, 22 October 2015)

The hubby said no eating al fresco at our favorite coffee shops, so today is another day that we had to eat our brunch indoors at an air-conditioned eatery – which means more expensive meals.  Hey, I think I should join the businessman in Sg Petani and lodge a report on the Ind*n Government for causing the prolonged haze in our country!! This is clearly a perennial menace plaguing our country with no likeliness to an end.  It’s causing everyone so much inconvenience and lives are prematurely taken away too. Money is also spent unnecessarily on face masks, air purifier, health drinks, electricity and eating at air-conditioned eateries. It’s unfair!!

Anyways, we had brunch at Faber Tower again. This time at Coffee Box for local hawker fare but at double the cost of hawkers’ price.

The Ipoh style kon loa hor fun with shredded chicken, prawns and fish paste was very good.  This will be our repeat order the next time we come. And I think it won’t be long that we have brunch here again. I just have a hunch that tomorrow will be another day of haze holiday looking at the depressing skies!

Curry meehoon was for Cass and me.  Half-boiled eggs were hers too.

Nasi lemak with chicken curry for the big girl.  The hubby was in a hurry to the office and only took a few bites from here and there.

For lunch, I reheated the flour-free savoury egg muffins that I made last night and they tasted even better today, YUMSS!!

As of typing this post, everyone at home (and I am sure all the school kids and their parents out there) are waiting anxiously on the announcement of school status for tomorrow. When can we see clouds and bright blue skies again??



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One thought on “Haze Holiday (Thursday, 22 October 2015)

  1. very delicious looking breakfast..it is almost a week now that the school are closed in KL.
    we expect another rainy day here tomorrow hope it will give us some sunshine in the morning as our girls’ school is having their annual sports day.

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