Dinner On Another Dazy, Hazy Day

Our girls went back to school yesterday (Friday) after 4 days of lazy haze holiday.

But what do we know? The haze was really terrible yesterday when school was reopened. The acrid smell of the smog was horrendous and I was choking inside the house. I felt like I could not breathe. My nose and throat were darn itchy and I had to down extra packets of Izumio hydrogen water and gargle my throat with salt water throughout the day. And how can someone say that we will not put pressure on Ind*n to deal with the haze issue! Maybe his house has 50 units of air purifier and another 20 units inside his office. And he can afford each of his meal in an air-conditioned place. His kids are probably at home having online lessons offered by the international school. Abuden?

Chill… yeah we’ve got to chill in this depressing weather and climate. I’ve been chilling with lots of Izumio hydrogen water, cool cucumbers, coconut water and vegetable soups.

Yesterday being a Friday was fridge-clearing day as our kitchen is closed during the weekends.

I made a ‘chaplang’ vegetable soup consisting of sauteed anchovies with garlic and threw in whatever I could find in the fridge vegetable drawer – organic spinach, carrots, celery and sweet corn. And it was so yummy and sweet. The girls loved my chaplang vegetable soup 🙂  I can live with just vegetable soups, I kid you not. I am planning to ditch the meat and go vegan one day.

I had initially planned to make prawn noodles but had a change of mind as I wanted to get rid of the cooked rice that’d been sitting in the freezer for weeks.   So I made a fried rice with big prawns, fresh button mushrooms, sweet corn kernels, carrots, celery, four eggs and lots and lots of Bombay onions, garlic and scallions.  These are my natural super food flavor enhancers which I love to add to my dishes.

The bean sprouts were also meant for the prawn noodles but I lightly sauteed them with lots of garlic and a dash of soy sauce.


Happy weekend peeps!  Tomorrow the girls and I are off to a free half-day motivational workshop. Will update with pictures tomorrow 🙂


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