Our Sunday – 25 October 2015

Last week, I signed up the girls and myself to attend a free motivational workshop conducted by Super Champz. It’s a 2.5 hours workshop held at PJ Hilton and parents must be present too.  The kids were briefly taught the techniques of memorizing data in a fun and easy way. It’s a prelude and introduction to a 4-day seminar.

The big girl ain’t too eager to attend but she had to attend anyway!  Cass was the most excited and she really enjoyed every bit of the workshop.

We reached PJ Hilton very early and waited for over 30 minutes before the workshop commenced.

At the end of the workshop, the kids who were in another room were brought in to join the parents. Several kids were randomly picked to ‘purge out’ verbally a list of 30 items that they were told to remember. The kids who were picked could spill out the list of 30 items that they went through a moment ago, in exact order of the list — in ascending and descending order. We were awed!  When we left the room, Alycia, Sherilyn and Cass could also recite the list of 30 items that they were briefly shown… in exact order of the list and backwards as well.

Yes, I was awed and was very eager to sign up our girls for the seminar.

But the cost was yet to be revealed! A-ha…

When the coach revealed the price of the 4-day seminar to the parents,  my jaw dropped when I saw the price on the whiteboard!!  My enthusiasm slowly withered. I thought that the most it would cost would probably be about RM800 per kid but I was so outdated.  Perhaps?  It was a whopping 5-figure price and later slashed to a 4-figure price —  RM5,000+ per kid!!  Though I am pretty convinced that my girls would benefit from the 4-day intense seminar, the price turned me off instantly!  If only we have the budget for this seminar for our girls, I would have no qualms and would have signed up at the end of the workshop.

After the workshop, hubby joined us for hi-tea at the coffee house of the hotel.

This chocolate fondue has been the highlight of the coffee house hi-tea for over 10 years. I still have pictures of Alycia who was about 4 years old and Sherilyn about 2+ years old in  similar poses as done by Cass today (picture below). Those picture were taken 8 years ago, before Cass came along.  How time flies!

Cass has been bugging me to bring her for a Halloween party. She is obsessed with dressing up as a vampire. Today she colored her lips with chocolate and pretended to be a vampire chomping down her plate of sinful desserts 😀

The haze has eased off a wee bit today. Schools throughout Malaysia will be reopened tomorrow, yipee!!  I still very much prefer the girls to be in school. School for girls = me time.  I regain my sanity each day during my peaceful quiet mornings. Only SAHMs and WFHMs would truly understand this statement!


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8 thoughts on “Our Sunday – 25 October 2015

  1. I would be very sceptical with these seminars. As a grownup, I have attended something similar with those make it rich with real estate seminars and man, it was dumb! I think u can easily access methods online to help kids memorize etc. However, I have always advocated it is more important to learn and apply, rather than rote learning. Here is a great question often asked at interviews : How do you know when you have learned enough?
    Onto something lighter….chocolate fondue. You can easily do it at home using a ceramic or metal bowl sitting atop a tea light. Used to do it for the kids when they were younger and all their friends loved it although now they are not so easily impressed! Microwave the chocolate squares with some cream in the bowl, then set it on a sturdy frame over the tea light and voila, dessert! Sorry for the long note, in HK hotel, bored, can’t afford the shopping here, leaving for Mel later today.

    1. Thanks for your insights Chris, always appreciate them. Thanks for the great tip too on chocolate fondue. Have a safe flight to Melbourne and enjoy your holiday! 😉

  2. Shireen, I was fascinated like you too and immediately signed my boy up for the seminar. Sad to say, it was not worth that much and I did not see much improvement on him after that. Moreover, the techniques taught are more suitable for English or BM based education.

    From what I can read from your blog, your girls are already doing well in school. Therefore, no need to waste such money. It is really not worth.

    Moreover, their interest does not stop after you have signed up. They will sweet talk you to continue with another seminar after the children have completed the first seminar.

  3. Dear Shireen, the seminar sounds awesome! Really open up the kid’s mind when they master these technique. Another alternative is to send just 1 girl (perhaps your eldest? yea although the other two may be pulling hair, out of the fair-game) but the condition is that the one going has to “re-train” the other two (knowledge transfer), right after the class. That saves your pocket and they can “apply” it together. While you, can also be a student to your girl and advocate “application”. = )

    1. Dear Serene, prob is the big girl is not keen to attend, more so if she were to attend alone without her sisters. Anyway, my ‘boss’ already said NO and said it’s too expensive. If we come across cheaper seminars (below RM1k), we can always sign them up. Thanks for your suggestion though 🙂

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