Haze Holiday (Tuesday, 20 October 2015)

The girls were bored to the core being homebound as schools were out for another day today. Cass’ swimming lessons have to be cancelled again today. The haze situation now as I am typing this post at 5pm is very bad.  Not only are the skies shrouded by smoke but the skyline is yellow in color today! This is getting really serious.

The picture below of KL in yellow haze today (20 Oct 2015) was taken by one of Sherilyn’s classmate’s mother, who snapped this photo and sent it to us in our Whatsapp chat group.

According to the news, the haze may shroud our country until March 2016!!   There is no announcement yet on whether schools will be closed again tomorrow. But looking at the skies, I am pretty sure that tomorrow will be yet another day of haze holiday.  I am going bonkers with 3 kids at home! I want them to be in school!!

The girls killed time by playing board games.  Sherilyn helped out in the kitchen. Today, she helped to make mashed potatoes and mashed carrots to go with grilled chicken chop.

From our unit on the 5th floor, we could barely see the buildings and trees outside.  The girls and I are gulping down extra packets of Izumio hydrogen water to clear our lungs and to strengthen our immune system against the haze and now, to protect us against Typhoid – the new epidemic crippling KL folks.


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2 thoughts on “Haze Holiday (Tuesday, 20 October 2015)

  1. We left on the 19th and it was pretty bad. I could feel the sting in my eyes and my son had a skin reaction. The Indo govt has yet learned to be responsible. We were barely outside as we stayed at One World Hotel and there was no reason to be exposed. I feel sorry for you guys, really I do.

    1. Hey Chris, the haze was indeed very bad on 19th Oct. This haze situation has been happening year after year for over 20 years! And every year, we read the same old thing in the newspapers – discussions between Msia and Indon but as it is, nothing is ever done. You didn’t bring your kids anywhere during your stay in Msia? I feel sorry for you guys too, that during your holiday, you couldn’t go anywhere and had to be stranded in the hotel.
      Over here, we are still not sure when the kids can go back to school. We have to refresh our screens everyday to wait for news on school. SIGH!

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